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One on One Tutoring for the GRE In Atlanta

Meet Our Atlanta GRE Tutor

Andrew has 5 years of tutoring experience. He holds a MA from Georgia State University. He received a perfect score on the GRE math section.

Private GRE Tutoring in Atlanta

Next Step offers GRE tutoring at a value unmatched by any other test preparation company. For the price of a group class with some of our competitors, Next Step provides one-on-one tutoring with an experienced tutor who will aid you using a customized study plan developed with you. Each of our tutors has scored above the 90th percentile, with most scoring above the 95th.

Group classes may be a good option for some, but if you feel there are certain sections of the test that are more challenging than others, one-on-one tutoring will be best for you. Too many of our students signed up for group classes only to find they would skip the classes on subjects they already understood well, or to find that the instructor did not devote any time to their individual needs. This is never a problem with Next Step’s one-on-one model.

When you contact Next Step for a free consultation, you’ll be put in touch with one of our academic managers, each of whom have years of experience in the test preparation industry and can answer test-specific questions themselves. That manager will stay with you throughout your tutorial, and can assist in your tutorial and receive feedback on your tutor.

Next Step has become one of the fastest growing test preparation companies in America through its dedication to customer service and excellent quality. We’re committed to helping you achieve your testing goals and to finding the best available tutor to help you meet them.

While Next Step offers in-person tutoring in over 30 different cities, most of its students are tutored online over Skype. This allows you to be set up with tutors whose skills best match your needs, rather than with tutors who are in the area. If you enroll in online tutoring, you will be sent a Wacom tablet so you can draw and participate online with your tutor, not to mention that you’ll save on travel time, parking, etc.

How effective is Next Step’s GRE tutoring?

Next Step Test Prep delivers one-on-one GRE expertise starting at less than the price of a prep course.  Want to learn more about how our tutoring works and how our effective we are?  Check out the videos below.  Whether you study with us online, or in person, we guarantee you access to unbeatable GRE expertise to help you get into your top choice masters or PhD program.

GRE Student Testimonial

GRE Tutoring Demonstration

Our are GRE instructors have all scored in the 90th percentile or above.

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GRE Tutoring Reports

At the end of each lesson our tutors write up a short report to record what was covered and to keep track of a students progress.  Check out one of these reports below:

The student and I met for our last GRE tutoring session together, which was unfortunately more than a week before the test. My immediate concern was to draw a study plan for her for the ten or so days until the exam. We made a printable worksheet she could use to study, covering all of the major subjects covered in the quantitative section, as well as mnemonic devices to help memorize them. As we were developing the sheet, she had questions on certain subjects, so we would do practice questions in those subjects.

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