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  • Learn From the Best. Our online course was developed by 524+ MCAT scorers with MDs and PhDs.
  • The Most Effective Study Planning Tool. Customize your study plan by answering a few questions to get a personalized calendar with day-by-day guidance. Alter the plan at any time by dragging-and-dropping assignments to fit your busy schedule.
  • The Most Realistic MCAT Exams and Experience. Our exams are known for having passages that most closely mimic the actual MCAT and our platform closely resembles the AAMC’s current interface.
  • The Most Up To Date. NEWLY REVISED BOOKS! Our books have just been updated to reflect the latest AAMC exam, content and reasoning strategies for the 2020 MCAT.

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Why Choose Next Step for MCAT Prep?

Why Choose Next Step for MCAT Prep?

The Most Up-to-Date Materials

NEWLY UPDATED BOOKS! Revised to reflect the 2020 MCAT and the most recently released AAMC exam. Comprehensive content and thorough review of reasoning skills and strategies needed to succeed on the MCAT. Completely new Psych/Sociology and MCAT Reasoning volumes. Extensively updated end-of-chapter practice, integrated with the online course allowing you to practice in the most realistic way that mimics test day. For more details on the books, click here.

Truly Personalized Learning
Comprehensive Content Review + Smart Strategies
Impressive Score Increases
Unparalleled MCAT Expertise
Great Value
Score Increase Guarantee

Personalized Prep for the Modern MCAT

Online Prep to Fit Your Needs

As an MCAT student, it’s hard enough to fit the enormous amount of content review, passage practice, and full-length exams into your life. It can be nearly impossible to fit planning time in, too — and because of this, MCAT students often give up and settle for a less-than-optimal study plan. Here’s where we can help! Unlike one-size-fits-all MCAT courses that make you sort through hours of instruction yourself, the Next Step Online MCAT Course helps you identify the areas you need to work on. All course videos are broken down into easy-to-navigate clips, so you can quickly find the content you need.

With our study planning tool, you’ll receive day-by-day guidance to ensure that your MCAT prep is as effective as possible. Just answer a few questions, and our custom study plan generator will give you a study plan laid out in an easy-to-read calendar. You can alter that plan at any time by simply dragging and dropping assignments to fit your busy schedule.

Up-to-date Resources

The MCAT has changed dramatically in the last few years, and the Next Step Online MCAT Course is updated constantly to ensure that we’re on pace with its trends. Our team of experts keeps a close eye on student feedback, analytics from thousands of test-takers, and the overall pulse of the MCAT world, and we never stop incorporating this wealth of information into our curriculum and practice resources. And with Next Step, even the way you practice is up-to-date. Our testing platform closely resembles the AAMC’s current interface, so you won’t have to think about anything besides the question in front of you on exam day.

How Does Next Step Compare?

Next Step

  1. Price $1,599
  2. Built from the ground up for the revised MCAT (updated regularly)
  3. Live Office Hours
  4. Guaranteed score increase
  5. Customized day-by-day study plan
  6. Live extra help online
  7. 6 months access


  1. Price $1,799
  2. Built from the ground up for the revised MCAT (updated regularly)
  3. Live Office Hours
  4. Guaranteed score increase
  5. Customized day-by-day study plan
  6. Live extra help onlineExtra $
  7. 5 months access

Princeton Review

“Strategy” Course
  1. Price $1,699
  2. Built from the ground up for the revised MCAT (updated regularly)
  3. Live Office Hours
  4. Guaranteed score increase
  5. Customized day-by-day study plan
  6. Live extra help onlineExtra $
  7. 9 months access

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MCAT Success Story

Scout, 516 Next Step MCAT Student

Before Scout began working through Next Step’s Online MCAT Prep Course, she was scoring in the 490s. After working through our course, she was able to score a 516 on the official MCAT exam to get into medical school. From reinforcing the content, to introducing invaluable strategy, Next Step “brought [her] studying to the next level.”

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Everything You Need to Realize Your MCAT Potential

Live-Online Office Hours

Tune in five days a week for live instruction from Next Step’s roster of experienced, engaging MCAT instructors. Unlike traditional webinars, our office hours are highly interactive and problem-focused. A mix of traditional Q & A and targeted instruction on difficult MCAT concepts, each two-hour session is a chance to learn in a small-group setting from those who designed, wrote, and continue to update the Next Step Online MCAT Course.

Expert Instructors

Our 98th+ percentile instructors were carefully selected for their ability to teach difficult material and answer tough questions clearly and concisely. On top of that, these instructors are the same people who architected the Next Step course and developed its materials. As such, they work constantly to cultivate an “AAMC-like” or “test-writers’ mindset” in students — which can pay huge dividends on exam day.

Interactive Video Lessons

Cut the MCAT down to size. Our innovative lesson videos feature short, informative clips interspersed with in-lesson assessments — brief exercises designed to reinforce your understanding of what you’ve just learned. It’s the kind of interactive learning that’s been proven to promote understanding and retention of even the most difficult material. And these lessons go far beyond simple content review, covering key MCAT tactics with hours of thorough passage and question walk-throughs.

The Latest Materials and Resources

Practice makes perfect, and we give you plenty of opportunities to achieve perfection. Online MCAT Course students have unlimited access to all AAMC online MCAT resources, all 10 of our Next Step full-length practice exams, our half-length diagnostic, our popular MCAT Review book series, and much more. All Next Step practice resources are kept up-to-date by our expert content team. And it doesn’t stop with practice — our course comes with thousands of detailed, content-rich explanations, including hundreds of video explanations for AAMC passages and questions.

Support Whenever You Need It

We believe that it takes teamwork to raise an MCAT score, and we’re with you every step of the way. Next Step’s expert instructors are available to answer your questions during live-online office hours five days a week, or anytime on our Next Step Forum. And our helpful support team is there every day to answer your questions about the course or online resources.

Proven Results

With fierce competition for every spot, you need to know that your MCAT prep will work. Our Next Step MCAT test cohort saw an average score increase of 9.8 points, and many of our students have gone on to see even more impressive increases of 20 points or more. Go with the best, and get stellar results.

Live-Online Small-Group Office Hours

There’s no substitute for live, expert instruction, which is why the Next Step Online MCAT Course comes with unlimited access to live-online office hours, five days a week, and often more. Over each two-hour session, one of our elite instructors will guide you through a specific area of the MCAT, explaining the subject matter and how it fits into the exam. And this isn’t just a lecture. Each session is interactive and problem-focused, with plenty of time to ask questions along the way.

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Detailed Personalized MCAT Study Planner Tool

Study Planning Tool

The AAMC has recommended that MCAT students spend 300+ hours preparing for the exam. While the exact needs of each MCAT student differ, you’re still looking at a lot of time spent away from family, work, school, and other important parts of your life. While most MCAT prep companies hand you enough content to fill up all those hours and more, they leave it to you to figure out how to incorporate it into your life.

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AAMC Resources

Every Next Step Online MCAT Course comes with 15 months of access to all online AAMC resources — real content from the makers of the official MCAT. This includes all of the AAMC’s full-length exams and highly-regarded practice resources (Section Bank, Question Packs, and Official Guide Questions) that allow you to practice getting into the mindset of the test-writers with hundreds of questions and passages.

Elite MCAT Instructors

The MCAT requires much more from test-takers than just about any other standardized exam, and the expertise it takes to prepare students for such a daunting and important challenge is hard to find.

But we’ve found it. Next Step course instructors are MDs, PhDs, and other seasoned educators, many of whom have taught at the university level, and all of whom have pulled down 98th+ percentile scores on an official MCAT.

instructor-photo instructor-photo instructor-photo instructor-photo

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MCAT video lessons

Interactive Video Lessons

It’s hard to learn something if you’re not engaged, and that goes double for a demanding exam like the MCAT. Next Step Online MCAT Course videos are broken up with brief, interactive assessments to reinforce the material being covered. Our lesson videos aren’t isolated to just content, or just strategy. Instead, they combine review of high-yield or classically difficult MCAT content with frequent MCAT-style passage and question walkthroughs, providing just the integrated approach that is so vital to exam success. And if you’re looking for content alone, look no further than our 100+ science content review videos.

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Materials and Resources

The MCAT is a unique exam, with its knack for testing science knowledge in reasoning-heavy, often-dense ways. The CARS section, too, is a beast of its own, although test-takers benefit from many of the same skills that are vital for the sciences. To master this exam, it’s crucial that you understand what to expect, and this means representative practice written by MCAT experts. Next Step’s elite content development team includes MDs, PhDs, and university-level educators, all of whom scored in the 98th percentile or better on an official MCAT.

Next Step Online MCAT Course students have access to all 10 of our full-length practice exams, complete with performance breakdowns and detailed, content-rich explanations for each passage and question. Online resources also include a half-length diagnostic exam and science content diagnostic that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. The course also comes with all online AAMC materials, and just in case you’re looking for more explanation beyond what the AAMC provides, we provide hundreds of our own video explanations for AAMC questions.

Beyond exams, our QBank contains nearly 2,000 passage-based and discrete questions, broken down into subject-specific sections to facilitate focus on weak areas. We’ll also provide you with our suite of MCAT books, with thousands more questions of its own — although arguably more valuable is the comprehensive content coverage and tutor-style voice those books provide.

Representative full-length MCAT Practice Exams

Representative Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams

We’ve consistently seen that students get the best results when their practice matches the official MCAT experience to the greatest extent possible. In that vein, Next Step provides 10 full-length practice exams, designed to be representative in difficulty, content coverage, passage and question format, and voice. When you’re done with an exam, get the most of your review with thorough content- and strategy-rich explanations for all questions.

But high-quality content is only the beginning. Our online testing platform is functionally identical to the most current version of the official AAMC testing interface, making the shift from practice exam to official exam a seamless one.


Next Step Online QBank

Achieving an elite MCAT score requires in-depth practice, and you’ll get more than enough with the Next Step QBank, containing nearly 2,000 passage-based and discrete science questions. And because your time is precious and your studying needs to be targeted and focused, these questions are broken down into 28 subject-specific quizzes, so you can get the practice you need without wading through material you already know. It’s just one more way the Next Step Online MCAT Course adapts to your unique needs.

MCAT Full Length video explanations

Content Review and Test Review Videos

Need a quick refresher on Electrochemistry? Or maybe you have a few questions on Buoyant Force. Students enrolled in the Online MCAT Course have unlimited access to more than 100 content review videos, so you can get expert instruction on any topic whenever you need it.

We also offer detailed review videos covering the AAMC Official Guide, AAMC Sample Test, AAMC Practice Test #1 and #2, Verbal Passage Review, and Next Step Diagnostic. These videos are broken down by question sets and passages, and each passage and discrete question set has its own video so you can easily navigate to the information you need.

MCAT Review Books

Next Step MCAT Prep Books

MCAT Review Book Series

Our expert MCAT instructors wrote the book on MCAT prep — 9 of them, to be exact. Developed entirely for the modern MCAT, our Next Step MCAT Review books provide a comprehensive review of the full scope of MCAT science content, with frequent strategy tips and tricks pointed out along the way. These books feature a “tutor voice,” crafted to address the questions that most frequently come to students’ minds while learning each concept.

Beyond our core set are Next Step’s two supplementary books: our MCAT QBook and 108 CARS Passages Verbal Review book. With over 100 additional MCAT practice passages and thousands of discretes, you’ll have enough practice with high-quality MCAT material to study for the exam and then some. Each passage explanation is annotated with notes and recommended highlighting and comes with detailed explanations for all questions.

Additional MCAT Prep Books

In addition to our completely revamped MCAT Review Books, students will also receive:

  • Next Step’s MCAT QBook with 2,000 discrete science questions.
  • Next Step’s best-selling Verbal Practice book designed to give you more practice on the MCAT section students often find most difficult.
  • Next Step’s MCAT Coursebook designed to be your companion as you work through your study plan.

Unparalleled Support

Taking an online MCAT prep course usually means sacrificing support from real people in favor of convenience and affordability. Not with Next Step! Our expert instructors are available in live-online office hours 5 days a week, and the same instructors will answer your questions on our MCAT Forum — where you can also peruse questions asked by other students — within 24 hours.

And every day, our team of Next Step course experts is waiting for you to call or chat in. They can answer all your questions about the course resources, or just take you on a tour of the numerous tools available to you with the Online MCAT Prep Course.

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Free MCAT Resources

Want More Before Getting Started?

Before you dive in, take a no-risk look at how we’ve helped thousands of students get into medical school with Next Step’s Free MCAT Practice Bundle, which includes a half-length diagnostic exam, a full-length practice exam, Lesson 1 from our comprehensive MCAT course, and much more.

Still have questions?

MCAT prep is a big investment in yourself and your future, and we want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make your decision. Take a look at our help section with answers to frequently asked questions. Read about our Score Increase Guarantee and Refund Policy for additional details.