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Teach the MCAT for Next Step

Some applicants may be interested in applying for full-time MCAT teaching positions. 

Next Step Test Preparation focuses exclusively on one-on-one tutoring. We are always looking for outstanding instructors for our MCAT program.

Our tutors work on-on-one with students to help plan a custom learning plan, then are with them over the course of their studies to help them make progress. Instructors who join our program enjoy the process of helping students improve and ultimately gain admissions to medical school.

We have opportunities to teach in any major city or university town. Further, for top candidates we have significant interest in our one-on-one video conference program. If qualified, you should apply for a position even if you live in a small town or will be travelling.

We can work with instructors available for only 4-8 hours — though for top candidates who would like to make tutoring a significant part of their income we can offer up to 40 hours per week.

Why should I teach for Next Step and not one of the prep course companies?

  • HIGHER PAY.¬†Please do your own research, but the largest companies often start at $18-$22/hour. We start at $30 per hour. Pay rates are on a sliding scale for applicants with MCAT-specific teaching experience and for applicants from NYC, Boston, and the Bay Area.
  • More hours for top instructors — up to full-time
  • No restrictive non-compete agreement — you’ll remain free to teach other subjects or SAT/ACT, even for other companies
  • Geographic flexibility. Even if you will be moving or in a smaller town, you can work with us
  • Flexibility in designing and delivering the learning plan
  • Ability to closely impact student results. Prep course teachers often find that they don’t get the chance to really help individual students since they have to teach 30 at a time

MCAT Tutor Requirements

  • 513/33+ on the actual MCAT exam with 515/35+ highly desired
  • Previous teaching, tutoring, or mentoring experience
  • Ability to teach all 4 sections of the 2015 MCAT with training. (Please do not apply if you would only teach one section)
  • Great personality — we need you to help make the MCAT interesting and comfortable for our students
  • At least 6 hours of availability per week

To Apply

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