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Free Online LSAT Course

The LSAT is standardized, but our students are not. We have helped thousands of students raise their LSAT scores with our online LSAT courses. Let us help you with our LSAT prep
​ test class.

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Next Step Test Prep has created a variety of free resources for students preparing for graduate school. These free resources now include a free online LSAT course!

Sign-up now to join our Beta program. You will receive free access to:

  • Our full LSAT Basic course with over 20 hours of video lessons
  • How to diagram every type of logic game you’ll see on test day
  • Strategies for improving speed and accuracy
  • Discussions and explanations of real LSAC questions (purchased separately)

There’s no fine print, no hidden costs, no “upgrade for $200 to cover logic games” – our course will teach you the basics of approaching the LSAT exam and get you on your way to practicing full-length LSAT PrepTests.

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Our LSAT Course

If you are just starting out on the LSAT, you need a guide that can help you understand the logic underlying every question on the exam. Our course provides that guide. We:

  • Introduce basic logical concepts
  • Drill
  • Practice on real LSAT questions (purchased separately)

Why are we offering a free LSAT course?

In short, why not? We have a fantastic LSAT curriculum which forms the basis of our one-on-one tutoring program. We are exclusively focused on one-on-one tutoring for the LSAT and have never had plans to launch a paid group LSAT course. We hope some small percentage of folks who use this course will sign up for our one-on-one private tutoring program. That said, for everyone else, we hope we’re giving something of value to the pre-law community, particularly the folks that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on LSAT prep.

Course Materials

Students who sign-up for our free course will be provided with PDF Handouts for each lesson. These Handouts provide guidance and explanations of real LSAC questions. Our course explains hundreds of real practice LSAT problems, published by the LSAC, the makers of the exam. However, LSAC charges a fee to show these questions, so we can’t show them in this free course. (Our print books and tutoring program make ample use of real questions, for which we pay our licensing fee). Instead, this course is built around two books published by LSAC, which you should purchase separately.

Both books are available on Amazon:

These books are the best possible LSAT prep because they are relatively recent LSAT exams available inexpensively. We focused our course around a review of these two books because 99% of students will end up buying them before test day no matter how they choose to prepare. Even if you choose not to take our course, we highly recommend that you get these books before you sit for the exam.

Course Instructors

Who is teaching? How do I know if it’s any good?

Since 2009, Next Step has worked with thousands of LSAT students through our one-on-one tutoring program. Through that program, our students worked individually with great instructors on their particular areas of weakness. In addition, for many years we ran an LSAT prep course at the University of Chicago. The core materials for this course came from that experience and the many students in that course who helped us refine the material with their questions and comments. Students who went through this course have scored as high as 179 on the real LSAT – though that’s definitely an outlier!

Three instructors from Next Step will be delivering the course videos:

  • Bryan Schnedeker is Next Step’s vice president for content. He has taught the LSAT since 2001 and has scored a perfect 180 on the exam.
  • John Rood is founder of Next Step Test Preparation. He co-wrote the first version of our LSAT Prepbook back in 2009. He has taught thousands of LSAT students starting in 2006, and taught the live version of this course at the University of Chicago, Loyola University, DePaul University, and Northern Illinois University.
  • Zack Baldwin has taught the LSAT for over 6 years and is a full-time LSAT instructor here at Next Step. He is continually one of our top-rated and most requested instructors.

Course Curriculum

What does the course cover? Is this complete prep?

This course is designed to teach students the basics of how to perform well on the LSAT. The goal is to give students the very solid understanding that will help them move from total LSAT beginner to being able to take lots of timed LSAT prep tests, the second and honestly more important phase of LSAT prep. We designed this video course to be a replacement for paid prep books and video courses.

However, there are lots of very good paid resources available. For example, students who still find themselves struggling with Logic Games after this course could certainly consider buying a single-volume book of Logic Games strategy and practice from another company.

My Mother said you get what you pay for. What does a $1,000 course have that this course doesn’t have?

We are quite familiar with the expensive courses taught by our competitors – each of us has taught them before long ago! In the interests of full disclosure, here’s what you’re missing:

  • The convenience of having real LSAT questions printed in the book/class instead of referred to. Again, we suggest you buy $45 of LSAC books instead of paying an LSAT test prep company $1,000 for them.
  • More LSATs explained. We’ve included explanations for only the questions covered in our core videos. As you start doing lots of practice tests, you may want explanations and study guides for those exams. Luckily, several sources publish good, free LSAT explanations – just google the PrepTest number and a bit of the question. Again, explanations are not worth $1,000 as they are freely available

That’s about it. Lots of classes will advertise a long run time of 50 or 100 hours, but often that includes time spent silently completing timed drills or proctored exams. The perfect place to start LSAT preparation is with us and we will show you the best way to study for LSAT.

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