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Free MCAT Diagnostic Exam

Sign up for a free diagnostic MCAT exam. This web-based exam features a test-like experience, simulating all four sections of the exam. When you finish, you will see a breakdown of the places where you will need to focus your MCAT studies.

Written by the experts

Next Step’s MCAT diagnostic was developed by our senior MCAT directors, Bryan Schnedeker (525 MCAT score, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience) and Dr. Anthony Lafond (MD/PhD, 42 MCAT, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience).

Simulate the new 2015 MCAT

As you likely know, the updated MCAT has made significant changes. Most importantly, a new behavioral sciences section will test your knowledge of basic psychology, sociology, and experimental design.

Receive specific feedback on your weak areas

Our exam generates a thorough report covering your performance in all the major content areas so you know where to focus your studies.

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Along with this free test, Next Step offers 5 full-length 2015 practice MCAT exams.   Need more help? Learn more about our one-on-one MCAT tutoring. In addition to practice tests you’ll need content review books. See Next Step’s growing library of MCAT books.