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Next Step Test Prep Reviews

Our students have found that Next Step’s one-on-one tutoring approach has been incredibly effective in helping them raise their test scores. Whether studying for the first time or improving scores on a re-take, our students consistently praise the personal attention they receive from our outstanding tutors.

MCAT Success Stories

I figured I’d report back and let you guys know my official scores on
the May 22nd MCAT.

Chem/Physical Sciences – 128
CARS – 128
Bio/Biochem – 128
Psych/Soc – 128

Total – 512 (87% Percentile)

Overall, I’m happy with my score. For future test takers, I would
definitely advise them to not take the exam unless they have had at
least one full semester of biochemistry and can become comfortable
with the material. Biochemistry showed up on over 50% of the test,
even the non Biological Sciences section. Other tips I learned from my
experience: Don’t use any Kaplan test scores as indicative of actual
scores, they were always significantly lower and not a good guide!
Also, use EVERYTHING possible from the AAMC. I ended up doing strictly
practice problems from e-MCAT the last week before the test and it was
one of the best studying tools.


Next Step MCAT Student

Update on my score. Nearly didn’t believe it… 518–97th percentile


Next Step MCAT Student, Score: 518

My initial diagnostic was a 506 and I scored a 518 on the exam.

Working individually with Michael was an invaluable resource. Rather than wasting time in a classroom going over the material I already understood, we were able to focus our attention on the concepts that were most difficult for me. Michael also made me feel much more comfortable approaching a passage when the subject it was testing was not as familiar to me by demonstrating how to pick up clues in the passage and eliminate wrong answers. Lastly, the weekly deadlines for material I needed to review on my own and practice problems to try made the daunting task of pacing myself in the preparation process much more manageable.
I chose Next Step because I had heard that the company provided exclusive access to hundreds of practice problems and a number of full-length tests. It definitely paid off. The Next Step books have more practice problems associated with each content review chapter than any other prep company, and more importantly, many more practice passages to get comfortable with the format of the exam. I had taken a class the past summer to prepare for the old exam, and compared to individual tutoring, it was a waste of money. I would recommend Next Step to any student preparing for the MCAT, whether they are just getting started or have taken the test and have struggled to raise their scores.

Next Step MCAT Student, Score: 518

I got a 512 and was super happy!


Next Step MCAT Student, Score: 512

Having already gone through the AAMC tests, she worked to find me other practice tests/passages for me to complete–for this I was truly grateful. She was also really flexible/convenient with session times, and was willing to alter our schedule if it was needed. I definitely felt more prepared going into this test than in the past, and I owe that to Caroline

Lauren R.

Next Step MCAT Student

I can’t thank you and Bryan at Next Step test prep enough…so far I have been accepted to three great medical schools in the U.S. including my top choice: Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia! I couldn’t be happier and look forward to more interviews in January. Best wishes to you and everyone at Next Step for a happy and healthy New Year.


Next Step MCAT Student

I definitely went into the MCAT with 100% more confidence thanks to Next Step. My instructor was great, as was the whole program. I liked how I could work at my own pace and focus on the things that I needed to work on the most. My tutor was always prepared with the material that I gave to him before each session, and he would work his schedule according to mine. Rather than giving me the correct answer right away, he gave helpful hints when needed. The way he taught helped me feel confident in myself and my ability to succeed on this test. I would recommend Next Step to anyone.


Next Step MCAT Student

Just got my score back, I got a 33!!!! So happy. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for your help! Got a 12 on PS and I really think it was because of those hard practice tests. I got a 10 in verbal and an 11 in bio


Next Step MCAT Student

“Hi John…Your company is the best!!  Sud was professional, bright and an awesome mentor.  Josh scores 34…11 verbal, 11 bio and 12 physics.  Thank you!!!”


Mother, Next Step MCAT Student

Bryan was great to work with, he was very patient with me as it took quite a while for me to fully wrap my mind around different concepts.  He was always more than willing to help me out on any questions and I had and he was very professional when it came to responding to emails and texts.  In my opinion working with your company was a much better choice for me than working with Kaplan.  I enjoyed the one-on-one learning experience and sessions were enjoyable because I actually was conversing with someone rather than staring at a screen and typing questions onto a chat board.  Overall I thank you for providing me with exceptional tutoring services and I will definitely recommend your service to others I know taking graduate entrance tests


Next Step MCAT Student

Remember for my college program I needed a 28 on my MCAT? I took the one in October for the second time, and got a 31! I increased my score by 7 points from a 24 in 2 months!! Just thought I should tell you. Thanks again for helping me during September; it really helped a lot.


Next Step MCAT Student

TL;DR — I was scoring in the high 20’s until I met Michael via NextStep, and I just got back my scores and got a 36!

My tutor, Michael, is the best tutor I have ever had! This is not cliche, nor did I get guilted into saying this. I have been the tutor all my life and it was difficult for me to sign up to be tutored. But I swallowed my pride, and it changed my MCAT performance drastically!

Michael is very knowledgeable, yet so humble. He told me how to study for the sciences and get the best out of my study time. He never claimed to know everything, and he would tell me the few times (very few!) he didn’t know exactly how to approach a problem. Still, he would speculate intelligently! So, basically, ‘no’ was never his answer.

Most of our study sessions were spent tackling verbal passages. I am an international student with a different English vocabulary than what the average MCAT Verbal tests for. But his calm and never-condescending demeanor converted me from a 6-scorer to an 11-scorer – and we were not even done! I started scoring 14’s consistently on my PS and BS full-lengths (yeah, BS full lengths with all that Bio!). Even I could not believe my progress.

I could go on and on, and he deserves it. I can’t believe we met only 12 times. I can’t believe we’re done meeting – well, I can believe I’m done with the MCAT!!! But man, this guy was the bomb!

Next Step MCAT Student

I am extremely pleased with my experience with Jonathan. After taking a course with another prep company I sat for the 2014 MCAT and was very disappointed when I received my scores back. After working with Jonathan preparing for the new 2015 exam I realized there were so many aspects of the MCAT that had not been adequately covered by any other test prep company. In only 3 months with Jonathan I was able to cover the new material on the 2015 MCAT and improve my composite score from a 61% to a 93%. I can confidently say that the service provided by Jonathan and the Next Step team is unique and will not be found in any other MCAT prep company.


Next Step MCAT Student, Score: 93rd Percentile

It has been special to work with Jonathan.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and brilliant, but what I found most impressive was his approach towards the intangibles to preparing for a stressful standardized exam.  He has a passion for the MCAT that is infectious and inspiring.  He makes an effort to ensure his students do not feel alone in their preparation.  His unconditional support and commitment to my success made me feel as if my preparation was a total team effort.  Knowing I had Jonathan on my side helped me manage the stress and the emotional swings that undoubtedly accompany MCAT preparation.  In my opinion, this is often the most challenging aspect of prepping for the MCAT.  How do you know that what you are doing is helpful or worthwhile?  Jonathan helped me to manage my time and to focus my preparation on my specific weaknesses.  For these reasons, I believe Jonathan to be a remarkable tutor whose experience in MCAT preparation and commitment to his students are truly unmatched.


Next Step MCAT Student, score: 518

The program is fantastic! I entered tutoring with next step only being able to get through 5 of the 7 passages on the verbal reasoning section. After three sessions I was able to read all seven passages in the allotted hour something I wasn’t able to accomplish before. I wanted to let you know my tutor Matt is very patient and understanding and very knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed all my sessions and his instruction has already made major improvements in my performance. I’m excited to continue and see where the progress takes me. Thanks again for everything!

Matthew S.

Next Step MCAT Student

It’s going great! I got accepted to both the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville’s med schools and ended up choosing UK. So now I just get to relax this summer and get ready to hit the ground running. Thanks again for everything!


Next Step MCAT Student

“I cannot say enough about my tutoring experience with Caroline. I turned to NextStep after getting average MCAT results after using a traditional test prep course. This time around, I decided I needed more specific help, and that is exactly what Caroline provided. I needed structure, and in the first session, we set up a schedule that I could work with and stick to. In addition, I had already completed all the AAMC practice tests, so Caroline worked to find me alternative practice tests options. She also provided lots of additional worksheets and passages for me to work through. I also really appreciated how knowledgeable she was. Whether answering an email question or one during an online session, she was always thorough and obviously knew her stuff. If she didn’t know something off the top of her head, she was always very prompt at getting back to me with an answer. I just got back my score, and am happy to report I jumped from a 28 to a 36. Caroline definitely deserves some of the credit for this increase in my score; I couldn’t have done it without her help and support. Overall, I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for a friendly, intelligent, and supportive tutor. You can’t go wrong!


Next Step MCAT student

It’s nice to hear from you.  As far as I could tell I felt strong on each section.  I am very anxious to get my score, mostly because I had improved so much over the course of my sessions with Ethan.  Ethan was very easy to work with and although he is clearly off the charts smart, he did not come off as some arrogant tutor or professor like many people do.  I was and am very pleased with the relationship I built with him throughout the course.  I also want to note that the lessons via skype were much better than I had anticipated. I was a bit weary at first because I was unsure what it would be like, but it felt just as though I was in the room with him.


Next Step MCAT STudent


I sought help from Next Step Test Prep for my MCAT prep after working with several other tutors failed to yield the results I was hoping for. In the short time that I had with my Next Step tutor, I was able to better understand the mistakes I was making in practice tests. I also learned to read the science and verbal passages more critically which made answering questions easier because I knew what information to look for in passages. My practice test scores jumped from 28s and 29s to an average of 35 after my first few sessions. The staff at Next Step were very friendly and helpful in finding the right tutoring package for me. I would absolutely recommend Next Step Test Prep for anyone looking to improve their test scores



Nest Step MCAT Student

Bryan was great to work with, he was very patient with me as it took quite a while for me to fully wrap my mind around different concepts.  He was always more than willing to help me out on any questions and I had and he was very professional when it came to responding to emails and texts.  In my opinion working with your company was a much better choice for me than working with Kaplan.  I enjoyed the one-on-one learning experience and sessions were enjoyable because I actually was conversing with someone rather than staring at a screen and typing questions onto a chat board.  Overall I thank you for providing me with exceptional tutoring services and I will definitely recommend your service to others I know taking graduate entrance tests


Next Step MCAT Student

“Next Step tutors are dedicated to making their students successful. I really enjoyed working with my tutor. He was very understanding of my schedule and was always encouraging. He truly played a big role in helping me attain the MCAT score I wanted. I’m very grateful to have studied with NextStep! I used the techniques I learned from my tutor and kept practicing exams. Studying paid off! I actually had to call my dad to double check the score! I’m very excited about my score because it has made me competitive and has given me the opportunity to interview at top schools. I can’t wait for medical school!”

Kaveeta K.

Next Step MCAT Student

My name is Taylor and I signed up for next step on May 15th through Rachel Grubbs. I had taken the MCAT in April and scored a 24 5 VR, 9 PS, and 10 BS. (I did not continue to study in between April and May). I really thought all was lost after my first MCAT.I worked with Stephanie for only one month and together we were able to raise my score to a 32. I took the June 13th MCAT and got 11 VR, 10 PS, and 11 BS. She did an amazing job and was always very encouraging and helpful. I really enjoyed using next step and it put my future back on track.

Taylor C.

Next Step MCAT Student

LSAT Success Stories

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I scored a 157 on my LSAT this past June– a 14 point improvement!  Thanks again for all of your help. Sean was a great tutor.


Next Step LSAT Student

Mark was an excellent teacher. I was very impressed with his thorough knowledge of the LSAT. When I first met with Mark I was intimidated by the Logic Games. With his help, I was able to become much more proficient with the Games. On test day I felt very confident and well prepared. As a former Kaplan student,  I can say that Next Step’s one-on-one tutoring is far superior. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their score.


Next Step LSAT Student

I found out today that I got into law school! FYI, on my first LSAT, I scored a 5 on the games section. This past LSAT, I scored a 16. Thanks for all the help.


Next Step LSAT Student

Good news I did as well as I wanted on the LSAT improving from
146 to 154. University of Idaho accepted me for the fall! Thanks again,



Next Step LSAT Student

From the first session to the last, my Next Step LSAT tutor’s lessons always made a concrete improvement in my test taking skills.  After completing a Kaplan course without as much improvement as I expected, Next Step’s  tutoring came as a welcome relief.  Instead of forcing me to follow a rigid curriculum my tutor adopted his teaching to my specific needs.  As such, we made big strides on my weakest sections and solidified my strengths.  All of this yielded significant improvements on my practice tests.  Yet, my biggest improvements came on test day.  He did a phenomenal job of building my confidence and comfort with the LSAT.  It made a big difference when it matted most.


Next Step LSAT Student, Improved 6 points on a re-take in under 1 month.

I am very happy that I was able to take your course before the LSAT. It certainly helped me prepare for the test. The one-on-one attention definitely is a great way to work on weaknesses and create a game plan for the test.  I was also very happy with Rob. It’s easy to see that he genuinely wants his students to succeed and do their best. He helped me to strengthen a lot of my weaknesses and to develop tricks to save time and eliminate incorrect answer choices. He has a kind and easy-going demeanor, which is great, because it makes the learning environment very comfortable. Also, he has a great approach to teaching difficult material. If his initial method didn’t exactlyclick, then he would try another approach and make sure that the material was understood before moving on. By the time I took my last practice test before the official day, I had increased my score by 11 points.


Next Step LSAT Student

My LSAT tutor was extremely focused, organized, and knowledgeable.  She had a plan for every meeting and was very helpful.  She was also very flexible with her scheduling which allowed me a tremendous amount of freedom to schedule around my school work, soccer etc.  I would recommend Next Step to anyone.  She did a tremendous job and I owe a lot to her efforts.


Next Step LSAT Student

I’d be happy to recommend my Next Step LSAT tutor to anyone. She was a great tutor and I think she really did a great job of preparing me for the test. She is clearly very intelligent, but she is also very skilled at breaking down difficult concepts and rendering them understandable to her students, which to me is a sign of a great teacher. She also passed along some useful strategies for approaching the more difficult test questions as well as test-taking tips. I had a lot of trouble with the logic games when we first started, but she was very patient and encouraging with me, and by the time the test rolled around, I felt really confident in my abilities, thanks to her.


Next Step LSAT Student

I would recommend Next Step Test Prep to anyone I know. After taking a course with Kaplan I was highly unsatisfied. Instead of taking my needs into account Kaplan taught the classes with a one size fits all mentality. Their primary focus was to drill prep material over and over without the necessary review of questions. With Next Step Test Prep I got a tutor who knew MY strengths and weaknesses. We went through every question I had trouble with and he showed me just where I went wrong and what I could do to avoid that in the future. In the end he helped me create a test taking strategy specifically tailored at achieving my LSAT goal score of 163.


Next Step LSAT Student

My scores since working with Next Step have skyrocketed, from a preliminary score of 154 to 174. Which is right in the range I was hoping to reach.


Next Step LSAT Student

I started prepping on my own, but sought out Next Step Test Prep’s services when I realized that I didn’t quite have the underlying tools needed to master the LSAT. I was matched with an amazing LSAT tutor, Michael, who quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses on the Logical Reasoning section. Tutoring via their online system was convenient and made it easy for us to target specific problem types. The way Michael explained the principles that many LR questions are based on helped me learn to analyze new questions on my own. I am thrilled with the results I got from Michael’s thorough and detailed feedback on my progress and his help in improving my score by challenging and encouraging me. I have since been admitted to Harvard Law, which I don’t think would have been possible without the high score I was confident and well prepared to achieve thanks to Michael!



Next Step LSAT Student

Next Step Test Prep was by far the biggest reason for my score increase. My LSAT tutor was a Harvard grad with a perfect score!  Can’t really ask for much more than that. We were able to meet about 15 minutes from my home and on my schedule. I took a Kaplan course and a portion of a Testmasters course before finding Next Step. In those courses I was in a class setting and if you don’t understand it you’re out of luck, because they won’t hold everyone up for you. So I ended up spending too little time on things I needed help with and too much time on things I didn’t. With Next Step you go at your pace 100% and if you don’t understand something you don’t just move on to keep up with a schedule, they make sure you understand to the best of your ability. All in all I was at a better understanding of the material in just a few sessions with my private LSAT tutor than I was when I was finished the entire Kaplan course. I would recommend Next Step to any person who really wants to get that score they are dreaming of. You still have to work but the staff makes it that much easier to learn. So you if you’re a person who benefits from one on one help and top notch service, this is the company to use, you won’t regret it!

Greg K

Next Step LSAT Student

I found Next Step extremely beneficial as I prepared for the LSAT. I had taken the Powerscore prep course prior to receiving private tutoring through Next Step and I wish I had skipped the former and gone straight to the latter. I found the individual attention of a Next Step private tutor much more valuable than the group instruction at Powerscore which, while useful, was too broad and too general. The techniques and tactics I learned were thoughtful and specific. My Next Step tutor was able to isolate my individual strengths and weaknesses so we could tailor a program specific to my needs. This aspect of tutoring with Next Step, along with the flexibility to work with my schedule, made my LSAT preparation more efficient and more effective. My Next Step tutor was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He had an exceptional ability to isolate the essential elements of seemingly complex questions and reduce them to their simpler components. He helped me trace my thought processes when I made mistakes and offered explanations for correct answers in accurate, concise language. Through tutoring with Next Step I was able to raise my score from a 161 to a 167 which allowed me to get into the school I wanted to get into. I am very happy that I chose to tutor with Next Step and I would recommend them to anyone looking for that extra edge.


Next Step LSAT Student

All I’ve wanted to do is be a lawyer my entire life. Taking the LSAT has been the biggest obstacle for me. I took a Kaplan class, I spent over $3,000 on courses, I bought every book and nothing worked. I started to think maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Then I started looking into having one on one sessions. Kaplan, and Test Masters were just teaching me the same methods that were not working. Working with Next Step helped clear up every issue I was having. We intensely worked on LR, and Logic Games. After the first two sessions things started to click! My LSAT tutor’s methods were all tailored to help with each of my issues. I thought logic games were impossible, but he guided me through setups and taught me methods I’d never heard of. By the end I was getting 4-5 wrong per logic game section rather than most of the questions. I highly recommend Next Step, and If anyone is confused please feel free to contact me. If you stick with Next Step you will all do well 🙂


Next Step LSAT Student

Before I started studying with Rob, I took a LSAT practice test and scored a 143.  By the time I took the LSAT, I was scoring in the 150s.  There was definitely a learning curve for me.  I kept scoring in the 140s during the first month.  I can’t tell you how frustrating that is! Yet Rob was encouraging and he told me where I needed to improve.  He also had to remind me that before I can score higher, I would have to learn how to take the test. He was really very helpful.

Rob was quick to find flaws in my test-taking strategies. Rob also did a great job helping me develop skills in reasoning and analyzing.  We spent many hours with me answering logical reasoning questions and him listening attentively so that he could confirm my accuracy or tell me a way to approach the questions better.  Consequently, I became very familiar with each type of question and how to answer them or when to move on. This is how my score improved.  After learning more about the types of Logical Reasoning questions, my scores were in the 150s.  I took at least 6 tests in the 150s before actually taking the LSAT.

As for technology, Rob and I used Skype for most of our classes.  We also used Twiddla, an interactive online whiteboard, which worked fine for studying logic games. We corresponded on email and on occasions, we used Google phone.  I felt that these technologies allowed both him and me greater flexibility in our schedules, which turned out to be great since I still had to work and had other responsibilities.

I am certain that Rob will continue to be a great asset for Next Step and truly hope the best for him.

David W.

Next Step LSAT Student

I can’t say enough great things about Annie. Not only was she incredibly prompt in replying to any questions I had about the LSAT or tutor sessions through email, but during the sessions she was very patient and helpful in providing what advice she thought would help me best. She went above and beyond in helping me go over my June LSAT and really took the time to get to know me and how I handled each section. Because of her patience, expertise and the time she took to get to know me I was able to get advice from her that was completely tailored to me. I was fully prepared and exceptionally confident for the October LSAT. I would recommend Next Step to anyone who wants to not only do well on the LSAT but push past their comfort zone and do even better on the test than they thought they could!


Next Step LSAT Student

I wanted to let you know that I was able to get a score good enough to get admission into law school. In addition, I want to make you aware that Trevor has been very helpful, and knowledgeable. He was very patient with me and did not get frustrated with me when I was having difficulty grasping some of the important concepts. He made sure I fully grasped the first concept before moving on to the next concept. In addition, he took his time to review each question/concept I was struggling with.

To be honest, I kind of lost hope  the first two times when I took the LSAT, but with Trevor’s support I was able to raise my score. I feel like I made some progress and it won’t have been possible without Next Step Test Prep. I have taken several prep courses previously, but none of them compare to Next Step.

I will highly recommend this test prep course to my friends who are planning to go to law school.

Thanks a lot for everything. I am one step closer to becoming a lawyer!

Next Step LSAT Student

Annie has been incredibly helpful these past weeks. Not only is she kind, but she’s a great teacher. I’ve seen a significant amount of improvement with her, and am hoping to make a little bit more for my test on October 1st. Thanks for connecting me with such a great tutor. I really feel like I’ll reach my full LSAT potential with her guidance.


Next Step LSAT Student

Next Step provided me with an excellent LSAT tutor. The Kaplan program listed my strengths and weaknesses, but didn’t provide me with any advice for improving them. My tutor gave me specific strategies and suggestions designed to help me overcome my weaknesses and succeed on test day. He offered me advice based on my own experiences, rather than those of a generic student. He was personable and professional, and I really enjoyed working with him.


Next Step LSAT Student

Ivan was an exceptional tutor.  He possessed a great deal of knowledge about the LSAT and insight into how to master the techniques associated with taking the test.  Most importantly, he was able to pass the insight along to me.  His immense skill allowed him to not only identify where I was making mistakes and why, but to teach me the tricks necessary to rectify these mistakes.  This is what enabled me to go from a 152 on my diagnostic test to a 173 on test day.  Upon first working with Ivan he told me that eventually taking the test would become a robotic task, one I could master.  It was with his advice, expertise and knowledge that this was able to become a reality for me.


Next Step LSAT Student

Next Step really saved my hide. I took a Kaplan course and had no improvement in my score. Instead of despairing, I looked for a real tutor, and Next Step had them. John accurately predicted my improvement to a 155. And sure enough, that’s what I ended up with. Since then, I have been offered a full scholarship to Akron, 10K/yr scholarship to John Marshall in Chicago, and I was admitted to Loyola just the other day. Hard work, and a personalized tutor who knew what he was doing (Gabe has credentials that would make a NASA scientist blush) carried me over the finish line.

Adam D.

Next Step LSAT Student

I would recommend your LSAT tutoring services to others because I have had improvement in my scores despite the limited time working with my tutor. Thank you very much for the help. It definitely has made a difference.


Matt B.

Next Step LSAT Student

I am consistently impressed with Next Step’s approach to LSAT preparation.  I have made tremendous improvements on both my strongest and weakest sections since working with my LSAT tutor.  He uses his extensive knowledge of the test and innate ability to read his students to deliver unique instruction to each individual.  I feel like my tutor has a very good understanding of my abilities and learning style, and has done a great job of targeting our practice to maximize my performance.


Next Step LSAT Student

I would highly recommend Next Step to any student who wants to get the best score possible. I had studied for two months by myself and had signed up for the Kaplan course. A week before the course started I talked to a few different people one being a consultant. The overall assessment was that I should think about getting a private LSAT tutor. I was told that Next Step was the best and to give them a call. In the end I got my refund from Kaplan and decided to go with Next Step because I was convinced it was in my best interest. My LSAT tutor helped me a tremendous amount. Each session was specifically tailored to my needs. I am very appreciative for all the improvements he helped me make.  Next Step will give any student the best odds at reaching their potential.



Next Step LSAT Student

As an international student, having already exhausted most text book materials and, seeking to improve my LSAT score I realized the next step could only be to work with a tutor to work on my unique needs. However, such resources are not available outside the United States. With Next Step I was able to work with my tutor for two hour sessions online per week and work, during all that time, specifically on my very particular needs. From very early, I noticed an improvement especially with regards to strategies that helped me track my time and target my strengths. Later on, we worked non-stop on areas in which I kept making mistakes finding new ways to attack such questions and help me avoid making the same mistakes. Overall, it was a helpful process I would recommend to anyone that would like to excel on the LSAT.


Next Step LSAT Student

When I contacted Next Step I had just scored very low on the LSAT.  I didn’t have a plan or any confidence heading into the next scheduled test.  Next Step taught me various methods to not only maximize my strengths but also how to minimize the effects of my weaknesses.  Their hands-on approach is second to none.  I went into my next test confident and with a plan to succeed.  I would recommend Next Step to anyone.


Next Step LSAT Student

Having a Next Step private tutor was helpful, since the sessions are geared towards your personal strengths and weaknesses. This really helps to maximize time and focus on personal improvement. I used a Kaplan course before Next Step and my score was much better after my tutor than it was after my coursework.


Next Step LSAT Student

Gabe is really a great help and I’m already appreciative of your service of finding high-end tutors for people.  These other companies just stick warm bodies in front of people and give them a script to read.  Not a good way to approach the most important test in one’s life.



Next Step LSAT Student

GMAT Success Stories

Chris was an unbelievable help to me.  On my first day of studying, I took a GMAT practice exam and scored a 480. To get into the business school I wanted, I needed to score above a 600.  So, that’s when I decided I needed a tutor.  I worked with Chris once a week for two months and after that time I scored a 610 on the GMAT exam on my first try.  I was thrilled.  Chris was very honest and upfront about how to be successful on the exam.  I followed his instruction and he got to exactly where I needed to be.  He was very good about following up with during the week and tracking my progress.   There is no way I would’ve scored above a 600 without Chris’s help. I recommend him to anyone looking to pursue graduate school!! Patrick, Next Step GMAT Student, improved 130 points on the GMAT — after having taken the Kaplan course

I had a great experience with Next Step, and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for this program. I also can’t express how grateful I am to have had Chris as my teacher. He was extremely knowledgeable and just a very down-to-earth person. In fact, over the course of the teachings, Chris and I developed a strong friendship. This in turn made the classes very enjoyable, and I am sure that Chris and I will be staying in touch going forward. If you ask me to rate Chris as a teacher by a 1-5 rating, I would say he’s a 20. The setup of the program itself is very impressive. I really liked how the program sent supplies such as the computer adaptive pad, where I could show Chris my scratch work. Throughout my experience in the class, I literally had no issues as far as materials, IT, etc. It definitely seems like the program is extremely dedicated in helping its students succeed. I work in a large financial institution, and I have already sang the praises of Next Step to many of my colleagues. I will recommend this program to anyone who is interested in achieving a high score on the GMAT. Again, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Next Step.


Next Step GMAT Student

Bill is a great tutor for the GMAT and very concerned with my progress. He constructed custom slides for me to study — in the areas where he noticed I needed improvement. I am a poor standardized test taker and knew I needed help in the areas of time management and pacing. Bill showed me some cool strategies to address this issue and along with the skills he taught me; I was much more confident when I took the test. We had strong communication throughout the weeks of tutoring. Bill’s willingness to conveniently schedule sessions was very helpful as well. If you choose private tutoring I highly suggest Next Step.


Next Step GMAT Student

When I started my GMAT preparation, I knew I was going to need personalized help outside a teacher talking to a large class.  Fortunately, I was able to find Next Step.  My GMAT tutor helped me most in the verbal section by teaching me the logic needed to get the questions correct, and my results skyrocketed in a matter of a week or two.  I went from what I considered to be terrible to getting almost all the practice questions in each verbal section correct.  Once I was up to speed on verbal, my tutor was able to answer any and all math questions I had from my class and supplementary examples.  It is quite apparent that my tutor was a math genius.  Not only was he able to answer my questions, but if I did not understand a certain example he gave me, he was able to come up with yet another way to complete the problem that was easier for me to understand.  The two-hour sessions were both involved and enjoyable, as my tutor was very personable and upbeat.  I could not have asked for anything more in a tutor.



Next Step GMAT Student

I studied for the GMAT for over a year. By the time I had gotten to The Next Step I had taken a prep course from Manhattan GMAT, worked with a private tutor, and had taken the real test 4 times. I was not happy with my score and I was beyond frustrated. My practice tests were not a reflection of my real test score and I felt like I had done it all.

After spending 5 weeks working with Ivan (about 16 hours) I took the GMAT for the 5th time and finally achieved a score I was satisfied with. I improved my score by 90 points. (Scored a 640; Q:42 V:36) I attribute much of this success to Ivan. He provided me with advice and tips that no one I had previously worked with had mentioned. He also explained how to do many difficult problems in an easy and fast way. He taught me a variety of techniques regarding questions types and my timing strategy. He was realistic and honest with me, which I appreciated. We made good use of our time together and even when we didn’t have a session scheduled, Ivan was available via email or phone if I had a question.

If you are having trouble achieving the score you want on the GMAT I highly suggest you work with Ivan. He is the only tutor I worked with at The Next Step (I also had a pleasant experience with the coordinator Bryan). If Ivan is any indication on how the rest of the tutors are, I would highly recommend anyone who works for this company. I could have saved myself quite a bit of time and money had I started my GMAT preparation with The Next Step in the first place.



Next Step GMAT Student

Just thought I would write a quick note and let you know that with Bills help I was able to improve my GMAT score from a 500 to a 610. Thanks again for everything.


Next Step GMAT Student

I wanted to write and thank you for all your help over the last month or so, I could not have done this without your guidance.  When we first started, I was scoring just under 600 on my practice exams.  Fast forward to now and I raised my score by more than 100 points and broke the 700 barrier in large part because of your help.  I cannot thank you enough.  You were able to zero in on exactly what I needed right from the beginning and were there to answer every question I had in a way that made it easy to understand.



Next Step GMAT Student

Mark was absolutely a great match. He’s a very talented and engaging tutor; I’m extremely pleased with his abilities, and overall, with the ease your process worked for me. I feel that I’ve improved greatly on the GMAT with Mark’s help. I only have good things to say about Mark. He cared about my progress, was always prompt, stayed engaged throughout all of our sessions, and made himself available to answer questions outside of our hours. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone I come across looking for tutoring, and would be more than happy to serve as a reference for your company in the future.


Next Step GMAT Student

I hope this email finds you well. Yes, I took the GMAT before Christmas and it went amazingly. I scored 40 pts higher than I had on my best practice test. I couldn’t be happier and I feel like the GMAT tutoring will be integral to my overall candidacy. Bryan was a great tutor- I loved how adaptable he was. He really seems to care about his students and his work and it showed in my improvement and results. He also could give great advice about b-schools and the exam, and when I wanted to reschedule because I thought I wasn’t ready yet, he knew exactly what to say. I would highly recommend him for GMAT tutoring no matter what stage someone is in, but it seems like he is especially skilled at getting someone over the hump. Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend Bryan to anyone I know who is taking the GMAT.


Next Step GMAT Student

I was working through some nondescript books for the GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace the test.  After much research, I decided to try Next Step Test Preparation. After my first tutoring session, I knew I made the right decision.  Not only is Next Step more cost effective than most of the other popular GMAT courses on the market but for the price you also get one-on-one GMAT tutoring.  Thanks to Peter, my tutor, I improved my score by 120 points in just 4 weeks.  I loved Peter’s enthusiasm for teaching. He equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to prep me in all the math basics that I had initially struggled with.  I highly recommend Next Step Test Preparation to anyone who is looking to improve their GMAT scores.


Next Step GMAT Student

exam.  From the start, Rich was patient, willing to listen and coach me through the quantitative and qualitative sections of the GMAT exam.  He took the time to develop an individualized action plan that became a road map for our training sessions.  I highly recommend Rich as someone any GMAT exam taker should meet with before they begin the preparation process.  My number one revelation through the GMAT process:  don’t go it alone when people like Rich are very capable of helping you through.  Rich has an amazing talent for teaching, and will help any GMAT exam taker reach their goals. For what it’s worth, if I could do it over again, I would have contacted Next Step before I took the exam the first time.


Next Step GMAT Student

Choosing Next Step for GMAT preparation was one of my best professional decisions. I considered a prep class, but since my goal was a score of 700+ I wanted a very qualified GMAT tutor that could structure a customized study plan to help me reach that goal. Working with Mike, I was able to raise my score from 620 to 730. Next Step has been instrumental in helping me achieve my MBA admissions goals; I would recommend them to anyone.


Next Step GMAT Student

I just wanted to give you an update on my son, Andrew. Andrew took the GMAT on Friday and improved his score 70 points in the three weeks he worked with Neil. He got the score he needed for his graduate program. Thank you!! Your prompt attention to making sure he was with the right tutor made all of the difference. I am passing your name on to a friend of mine who in turn is giving it to a daughter’s boyfriend.


Parent of a Next Step GMAT Student

Again, I could have never done this without Zack’s help.  I heard his voice in the back of my head throughout the testing sessions, preventing me from making my old mistakes.  His advice was an invaluable resource for me, and our sessions were an investment of time and money that will pay incomparable dividends for me.


Next Step GMAT student

GRE Success Stories

My GRE was yesterday and while the only scores I’ve received so far are unofficial, I’m happy to report that I exceeded my goals for both the math and verbal sections.  Just wanted to thank you for your service and let you know that my tutor did a terrific job preparing me for the test.


Next Step GRE Student

Just got back from my exam, and wanted to share the good news that I’m extremely pleased with my GRE results. I scored a 163 and 167 on math and verbal respectively (roughly the 88th and 97th percentiles), and feel confident I got at least an average of 5.5, if not 6 on the written component.
Thanks again for support throughout the prep process– I know this will be a huge boon to my admissions prospects!


Next Step GRE Student

I got in!! I was just accepted into my PA program, and I want to say thank you one more time to you both! I know my GRE scores were an important part of my application, and I never could have gotten them on my own. I thoroughly appreciated and valued the ability to conduct my tutoring sessions online. My life is very busy, and includes a minimum of 3 hours of commuting every day, so being able to work with Chip from the comfort of my home was so important. I think any differences between online and in-person tutoring were negligible. Via the webcam we could see and hear each other, and with the blackboard we could work on the same problem at the same time, just as if we were working on the same piece of paper. In addition, having the sessions online gave me the ability to go back and replay our sessions, which was very helpful in refreshing my memory about tricky problems. With online tutoring, I felt like I was getting the highest quality instruction combined with the ease and convenience of working from my home.


Next Step GRE Student

My son used one of your tutors for the GRE. I wanted to let you know that he improved tremendously. He scored in the 96% in math and 91% in verbal. He was very happy. He was pleased, as were we. I just wanted to let you know.


Parent of a Next Step GRE Student

I took the GRE and was happy with the end result.  I scored a 163 on Verbal and a 161 on Quant. I thought Brian was a fantastic tutor.  He really did a great job of explaining quant problems and working through the mechanics.  I was only in the 50th percentile in prior tests and I really feel that the way Brian explained problems helped me understand the techniques and methods to use on the test.  Plus, he was always nice and great in terms of scheduling. I would definitely recommend the tutoring program in the future.


Next Step GRE Student

I wanted to let you know I got accepted to three of the four grad programs I applied to, still deciding on which one to attend. I wanted to thank both of you for all of your help and work. I know the tutoring was a tremendous help, and also a good push to finally get me to apply. Feel free to use me as a reference, and when folks have asked for GRE tutoring suggestions I have mentioned you guys.

Next Step GRE Student

I was able to do better than my goal score and I’m very happy with that. Thanks for all the help in the beginning and for introducing me to Ian! My score was a 312 with a 156 in verbal (% below: 70) and 156 in math (% below: 65). I also got a 5 on the writing (% below: 93).

Ian was invaluable in my attaining this score. We covered all the necessary subjects and focused on my weaknesses. I was assigned a good deal of homework and so the weekly 2 hour sessions worked well, as I was kept quite busy in between sessions. He made sure I knew the material and we always went over stuff that I did not understand. In addition, he answered any questions during the week over email and that helped a lot too

As a result, I was pretty confident and not that nervous going into the test. It was like I almost wanted to take it, to get it over with. I had taken 2 practice tests before, online and they went well but I got the highest score when it mattered the most. I think the 2 hour classes are good. They are not short so you can cover a lot but not so long where you lose concentration!


Next Step GRE Student

I’m glad that I decided to get tutoring services from Next Step. Prior to registering for the GRE, it had been six –plus years since I’d even cracked open a math textbook. Working with Paul helped me to demystify the QR section of the test, and ultimately, to score well enough to start thinking about a handful of top 10 programs. Most importantly, my sessions with Next Step have instilled in me the work ethic and discipline that will be necessary to success in graduate school.


Next Step GRE Student

I took the GRE’s and did very well. Thank you for all of your help. I just wanted to take the time to tell you what an amazing teacher and person Michael is. Any company would be lucky to have him as a tutor. He took the time to explain every concept thoroughly and is more than willing to return to the concept later for any reason. His patience is only surpassed by his intellect, and unlike other tutors, he lacks the arrogance and air of superiority that is so common in this business. I hope you know what an asset Michael is to the company.

Nathan S.

Next Step GRE Student

Hi John. I wanted to let you know how my daughter did on her GREs.  She got a 158 on the verbal and a 159 on the math.  She got a 5 on the writing section which is a 92 percentile and in my view quite a good score.  She got a 5 on the writing test but never had a 5 on her practice tests so the tutoring there really helped.  Overall, I think the tutoring was really helpful and she enjoyed working with the tutor.   I think it really boosted her confidence as she is someone who is quite scared of standardized tests and has historically underachieved on them.  So thanks!


Parent of a Next Step GRE student

Emily was a fantastic GRE tutor who allowed me to focus our sessions on the material I was having the most difficulty with. It having been years since I had taken a math course, I needed to brush up on my basic quantitative skills. Emily was patient and thorough and provided a great overview of the types of questions I would encounter on the exam.  She assigned problems between our sessions that helped to reinforce what we covered. I went into the GRE testing center on the exam date with not only a better grasp of the material but also with confidence, which made all the difference.


Next Step GRE Student

First, I wanted to thank you for tutoring me and helping me improve my test taking skills, getting me to study and teaching all those tricks and strategies. I applied to 8 vet schools and got in to Colorado State and Tufts! I still have to hear back from three others. So thanks for helping me get scores good enough to get in to school!


Next Step GRE Student

I just did my GRE today and it went much better than I expected and I can only attribute that to my sessions with Eran. When I was doing the practice test before our first session I scored a 154 on English and I could not even solve a single math problem. I went to Eran with no memory of basic math and I ended up scoring a 153 on math on my first try at the GRE and 157 on English. Thank you both for all your help



Next Step GRE Student

Emma’s help was crucial during my preparation for the GRE. I have always been apprehensive about standardized testing but Emma helped me achieve a top score. She focused my attention on critical details and was quick to pick up on my both my strengths and my weaknesses. By understanding the way in which I process information, Emma was able to offer explanations and problem solving techniques that allowed me to successfully answer even the most challenging questions. Emma went out of her way on multiple occasions to find extra practice problems when I needed them and was always able to provide a clear explanation to any question I asked. She not only taught me the subject matter covered on the GRE, but she also provided me with test-taking strategies that allowed me to complete the exam to the absolute best of my ability. I could not have asked for a more qualified tutor to help me achieve my goal.



Next Step GRE Student

DAT Success Stories

First off I need to thank you so much for your help, time, and flexibility in tutoring me for the DAT in such a short time window. You were a huge help and I SERIOUSLY doubt I would have been able to achieve these scores without you.

– Arjun, Next Step DAT Student