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Thank You For Your Interest In Our MCAT Tutoring

Thank you for your interest in our 1-on-1 tutoring services for the MCAT. One of our test prep experts will be following up with you within 24 hours. 

What to expect during your consultation:

Your consultation with one of our test prep experts will last for 15-20 minutes.  During that time you should expect to cover:

  • Any questions you have about the MCAT study process
  • History with the MCAT including past scores if any
  • Your test date and application timeline
  • The details of our one-on-one MCAT tutoring program

What to expect if you decide to work with us:

Since tutoring is 1-on-1 everything is built for you. You will start by laying out a custom study plan based on your timeline.

Then, at each session you will review the homework and do new practice together. You and your tutor will focus on key strategies and on how to apply science content to the MCAT.

You can spend as much (or as little!) time as you want on certain parts of the exam. Want to spend 95% of your time on Verbal? No problem! Already a whiz at reading and want to focus mainly on physics? Again, no problem! Your tutor will help you raise your score through targeted work.

Who are our tutors?

At Next Step, we realize that excellent tutors have three simple things: experience, expertise, and teaching ability.

1. Experience

There’s no substitute for it! Good teaching requires experience. Unlike other test prep companies that don’t require any experience, all of our tutors have teaching or tutoring experience before they even walk into an interview with us.

2. Expertise

Your tutor will be an MCAT expert. We are exceptionally selective in our hiring, so you will have a real MCAT expert who has taken the exam and achieved a top score.

3. Teaching Ability

It’s not enough to have experience teaching, you’ve actually got to be good at it! Our tutors demonstrate that they have the skills needed to help you excel.

“Are they med students? Professors? What?” Some tutors are med students, some are full-time tutors, and others are professors. With our tutors, we’re not hiring based on their day job. What we care about is getting higher scores for our students. That means experience, expertise, and ability.

Want to know what our students think? Here are a couple of testimonials from some of our students:

“Next Step tutors are dedicated to making their students successful. I really enjoyed working with my tutor. He was very understanding of my schedule and was always encouraging. He truly played a big role in helping me attain the MCAT score I wanted. I’m very grateful to have studied with NextStep! I used the techniques I learned from my tutor and kept practicing exams. Studying paid off! I actually had to call my dad to double check the score! I’m very excited about my score because it has made me competitive and has given me the opportunity to interview at top schools. I can’t wait for medical school!”

– Kaveeta K, Official MCAT Score: 37

“I’ve been meaning to contact you all, I just got really busy once school started. I ended up improving from a 26 (VR7, PS9, BS10) to a 31 (VR11, PS9, BS11) on my MCAT. Matt did a great job and I cannot thank him enough. I actually have a med school interview this upcoming Wednesday, so thank you all for everything. I will definitely recommend Next Step to whomever is taking the MCAT next year”

– Sean, Next Step MCAT student

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