Thank You For Your Interest In Our GRE Tutoring | Next Step Test Prep Thank You For Your Interest In Our GRE Tutoring | Next Step Test Prep

Thank you for your interest in our 1-on-1 tutoring services for the GRE. One of our academic advisors (each with over 8 years of GRE prep experience) will contact you within 24 hours. 


What to expect during your consultation:

Your consultation with one of our test prep experts will last for 15-20 minutes.  During that time you should expect to cover:

  • General questions about the GRE or the grad school admissions process
  • Existing scores if you have previously taken the GRE
  • Current studying efforts or practice test scores, broken out for both the verbal and math sections
  • Your study timeline and application deadlines
  • Any questions you have about our GRE tutoring program


What to expect if you decide to work with us:

Since tutoring is 1-on-1 everything is built for you. You will start by laying out a custom GRE study plan based on your timeline.

Then, at each session you will review the homework and do new practice together. You and your tutor will focus on key strategies and work on developing weaknesses and polishing strengths.

You can spend as much (or as little!) time as you want on certain parts of the exam. Want to spend 95% of your time on Verbal? No problem! Need to focus exclusively on the quantitative section? Again, no problem! Your tutor will help you raise your score through targeted work.


Who are our tutors?

At Next Step, we realize that excellent tutors have three simple things: experience, expertise, and teaching ability.

1. Experience

There’s no substitute for it! Good teaching requires experience. Unlike other test prep companies that don’t require any experience, all of our tutors have significant teaching experience before they even walk into an interview with us.

2. Expertise

Your tutor will be a GRE expert. We are exceptionally selective in our hiring, so you will have a real GRE expert who has taken the exam and achieved a top score.

3. Teaching Ability

It’s not enough to have experience teaching, you’ve actually got to be good at it! All of our tutors go through a rigorous evaluation (most don’t get hired because the evaluation is so selective). Our tutors demonstrate that they have the skills needed to help you excel.


Want to know what our students think? Here are a couple of testimonials from some of our students:

“I took the GRE and was happy with the end result.  I scored a 163 on Verbal and a 161 on Quant. I thought Brian was a fantastic tutor.  He really did a great job of explaining quant problems and working through the mechanics.  I was only in the 50th percentile in prior tests and I really feel that the way Brian explained problems helped me understand the techniques and methods to use on the test.  Plus, he was always nice and great in terms of scheduling. I would definitely recommend the tutoring program in the future.”

 – Becky, Next Step GRE Student
“Just got back from my exam, and wanted to share the good news that I’m extremely pleased with my GRE results. I scored a 163 and 167 on math and verbal respectively (roughly the 88th and 97th percentiles), and feel confident I got at least an average of 5.5, if not 6 on the written component. Thanks again for support throughout the prep process– I know this will be a huge boon to my admissions prospects!”

– H.P., Next Step GRE Student


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