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Choosing Next Step

How do I know my tutor will be qualified? Each of our online instructors has scored in the 99% on the exam and has at least 3 years of teaching experience. They are often graduates of top schools. Unlike some other tutoring services, we will share with you the credentials of your instructor for your approval in advance of any commitment.

How do I receive my materials? Materials will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail.

Are there payment plans available? Yes; just inquire with your admissions councilor via phone or email.

I already took a prep class—will this help? Yes! Many of our students have gone through prep courses and been disappointed with their scores. Working one-on-one lets you focus on your weaknesses and surmount the challenges holding back your score.

Is this better than a class? We certainly think so. Individual instruction allows the instructor to create a custom plan just for you. You get the chance to work through material at your pace, neither moving too quickly through challenging material nor lingering on concepts you’ve already mastered.

Online tutoring

How is this better than hiring a tutor locally? In short, we hire the very best instructors from a national pool. While some students can hire a 99% scoring Ivy League law school grad in their town, most students cannot.

What equipment do I need? You will just need a computer in good working order and a high-speed internet connection. Mac and PC both work. While a microphone headset, webcam, and sketch tablet are required, we can loan these to you.

What if I’m not technically proficient? If you have basic computer skills (using a mouse, opening a web browser) you will have no trouble with online tutoring.

Can I try out online tutoring first? We would be happy to arrange a demonstration of our interface to make sure you are comfortable.

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person? YES! Test prep professionals have known for years that student satisfaction and score increases are most closely tied to instructor quality. The online format allows us to provide students anywhere with the highest quality instructors.

Working with your Tutor

Do I need to do anything before my tutoring starts? Yes; we ask all of our students to complete a practice diagnostic exam in advance of their first tutoring session and to send the score results to  their instructor.

How do I schedule sessions? You and your instructor will schedule regular sessions together; there is no middle-person.

How often will I meet with my tutor? Generally we conduct 2-hour tutoring sessions once or twice per week depending on available tutoring hours and chosen test date.

What do your materials look like? Our LSAT materials were designed by a 99% scorer; we would be happy to send potential students the table of contents. Additionally, students get 20-30 practice Preptests.

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