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We helped your friend, let us help you.

Test prep resources for the MCAT, PCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and more. All designed to meet your unique needs and goals.
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Next Step Test Preparation offers premium test prep resources for graduate level admissions exams.

Next Step has spent nearly a decade building customized test prep resources to help students conquer the admissions exam standing between them and their next degree.  While we started as a one-on-one tutoring company, we have grown to offer a wide range of test prep products, all with a focus on providing students with a personalized experience.  Our exams, classes, and books are all designed to help students address their specific areas of need.  Read more about our resources and services below and let us know if we can be of assistance.

Our MCAT Resources and Services

MCAT Tutoring

The MCAT is a challenging exam that med schools require for admission. Each of our students begins with a diagnostic exam to identify the weak areas, making it easier to set up a personalized study plan with their expert MCAT tutor, who has taken the exam and scored in the top percentile themselves. MCAT tutoring students will have access to Next Step’s MCAT books, AAMC resources and exams, as well as Next Step’s full-length practice tests. Learn more about our MCAT Tutoring.

Online MCAT Class

Our online course revolves around a self-paced review of videos covering core lessons. It is supplemented by 10+ hours per week of live group office hours led by a live instructor as well as thousands of practice passages and questions. Our MCAT Course has more of everything you need. More books, more online resources, and the world’s best instructors, all for about half the price of a course from any other major test prep company. To learn more and to try a demo of our class for free click here.

Check out what this student had to say about our class:


MCAT Exams

One of the biggest challenges when prepping for the new MCAT is the lack of high-quality practice material. With few practice exams released by AAMC, serious MCAT students need more resources. Which is why when the revised MCAT launched in 2015, we released a diagnostic exam and 10 full-length exams. These exams are designed to exactly replicate the MCAT test day experience and interface. Best of all, we will give you the diagnostic and our first full-length for free. To learn more about our MCAT exams or to try them for free click here.

LSAT, PCAT, GRE, GMAT, and More: 

GMAT Tutoring

The GMAT is a deceptively difficult exam. It is, however, necessary for most MBA programs. Don’t let this exam stop you from getting into business school. Our expert GMAT tutors will help students pinpoint their areas of weakness and work to build a customized study plan that focuses on their needs. Next Step can help GMAT tutoring students increase their scores and their chances of getting into business school. Learn more about our GMAT Tutoring.

LAST Tutoring

Anyone looking to enter law school will need to take the LSAT. Next Step can help you face this challenging exam by pairing you with an expert LSAT tutor. Students work hand-in-hand with their experienced LSAT tutor to identify areas that need improvement and build a custom study plan that focuses on those weaknesses. LSAT tutoring students who work with Next Step have averaged a double-digit score increase on the LSAT. Learn more about our LSAT Tutoring.

GRE Tutoring

Since the GRE is required for a variety programs, those who take the exam often have a variety of different needs. Each of our student begins with a diagnostic exam to help identify the areas they are weakest in. Once these areas are identified, they work with their expert GRE tutor to build a personalized study plan. Next Step is ideal for GRE tutoring students who are struggling with a particular section or who have been out of school for quite some time. Learn more about our GRE Tutoring.

PCAT Tutoring

At Next Step Test Preparation, we believe that an exam shouldn’t keep passionate students out of pharmacy school. If you’ve got a great GPA and a ton of research experience, why should the PCAT serve as a roadblock? That’s why we work one-on-one with each and every student to build a tutoring program tailored to their unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Whether you’re just starting on the PCAT, have already taken a prep course, or need an intensive review of one of the exam’s components, we’re here to help. Learn more about our PCAT tutoring.

PCAT Exams

Built from the ground up for the new exam. The PCAT underwent a fundamental change in 2016. Next Step’s practice PCATs were built from the ground up with the new test in mind, rather than shoehorning old content into the current format like many companies. All of our exams feature statistical performance breakdowns that help you understand how you performed in each section. We continually improve our scoring scales, question difficulty, and passage content, based on feedback from thousands of students. Learn more about our PCAT exams and try them for free here.

DAT Tutoring

Even if you’ve got a great GPA, incredible research, and a ton of extracurriculars, the DAT can still be daunting when it’s all that stands between you and admittance to dental school. Don’t worry – we can help. At Next Step Test Preparation, we work one-on-one with our students to create personalized lesson plans tailored to their unique abilities and requirements. Next Step is one of the few tutoring companies to offer a comprehensive DAT program with instructors who have actually taken the DAT and scored 22+ (rather than retraining instructors from the MCAT or high school science tutors). Learn more about our DAT tutoring.

How effective is Next Step’s tutoring?

Check out what our students are saying:

I just wanted to update you and thank you so much for all your help and guidance in preparing me for the GRE. I was able to obtain a verbal score of 154, quantitative score of 150 and a score of 5 on the analytical writing.
I had a great experience with Next Step, and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for this program. I also can’t express how grateful I am to have had my tutor. The setup of the program itself is very impressive.
I will certainly refer Next Step to anyone looking for a tutor. I had a wonderful experience with your company and an excellent tutor for the LSAT. I am so thankful for your help and the confidence my tutor gave me to tackle the LSAT.
JOHNJOHNNext Step MCAT Student
Working with Next Step was an excellent experience. They did an incredible job at tailoring the program to my specific needs and weaknesses. Looking back, my only regret is that I didn’t forgo the large group class and instead work with Next Step from the beginning.

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