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Upcoming Premed Webinars

Next Step Test Prep is dedicated to providing premed students and advisors with great free events throughout the year.  Through our events we provide students and advisors with access to information on the MCAT, med school admissions, and many other topics relevant to the premed community.

Two lucky attendees from each event will receive our 3-MCAT Bundle to help them prep for the MCAT!

5 Biggest Mistakes Premeds Make with the Medical School Interview
Tuesday February 16th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
If you’ve received an interview, congrats! That means the school thinks you have what it takes. In this webinar Dr. Ryan Gray of Medical School Headquarters will cover the 5 biggest mistakes that he has seen while helping premeds prepare for their medical school interview.

Shedding Light on Physician Shadowing
Thursday February 25th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Join Gap Medics, the world’s leading provider of pre-medical shadowing programs abroad, for a behind-the-scenes look into preprofessional physician shadowing. Prospective medical students will come away with an understanding of what shadowing entails, how it can help when applying to med school, and what Gap Medics can offer to take your experience to the next level!

Get Accepted to Medical School in 2017
Thursday March 3rd @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Get step-by-step directions to your final destination – acceptance at your top choice med school – when you attend our upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to Medical School in 2017. This is a med school admissions must-view presentation with an admissions expert from our friends at Accepted, so don’t miss out!

Strategies for Psychology on the MCAT
Tuesday March 8th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Join Clara Gillan of Next Step Test Prep for this psychology strategy session.  This  session will cover a particularly challenging psychology passage and set of questions.  Students will leave with an understanding of the type of challenges they will face when they confront the newest section of the MCAT.

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