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Upcoming Premed Webinars

Next Step Test Prep is dedicated to providing pre-health students and advisors with great free events throughout the year.  Through our events we provide students and advisors with access to information on the test prep, admissions, and many other topics relevant to the premed community.

We will be awarding prizes to lucky attendees from each event.  Details on prizes below.

Wednesday, April 13, 8pm ET – Medical School Admissions Q&A: Ask the Experts

The medical school application process is long and stressful. There are so many steps until you reach your destination: medical school. Join two seasoned admissions experts from Accepted, Linda Abraham and Alicia McNease Nimonkar, as they answer your pressing questions and give you insight into how to apply successfully to medical school. Two lucky attendees will receive 4 packs of our MCAT practice exams.

Scribing and Your Path to Med School –Thursday April 21st, 8pm ET

Join PhysAssist Scribes–the company that set the standard for all the rest–for a webinar on all the things you ever wanted to know about being a scribe. As a scribe, you can learn about the ins-and-outs of the ER from the floor, make connections with physicians, and so much more. A PhysAssist Scribe will share her experiences and field your probing questions on everything from what to expect during a shift to how scribing can help you in med school.  Two lucky attendees will receive 4 packs of our MCAT practice exams.

Test Prep for the Prehealth Professions – DAT, OAT, and PCAT – Tuesday April 26th, 8pm ET

This session will three tests that many people pursuing a career in the health professions will have to face. This session will cover the structure and content of the DAT, OAT, and PCAT and also provide some insight into what it takes to conquer these challenging exams. This event is perfect for those pursuing a career as a pharmacist, dentist, or optometrist.  One lucky attendee will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

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