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MCAT Diagnostic

Sign up for a free diagnostic MCAT exam. This web-based exam features a test-like experience, simulating all four sections of the exam.  Next Step’s MCAT diagnostic was developed by our senior MCAT directors, Bryan Schnedeker (525 MCAT score, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience) and Dr. Anthony Lafond (MD/PhD, 42 MCAT, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience).  When you finish, you will see a breakdown of the places where you will need to focus your MCAT studies.

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MCAT Books

Next Step’s MCAT books were developed by our senior MCAT directors.  We published two sets of books to cover content review and strategy and practice for the 2015 MCAT

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Full Length MCAT Practice Exams

Developed by senior MCAT directors, we have ten exams available for purchase.  These exams feature a realistic interface identical to what you will experience on test day.  Students receive a full set of answers and explanations for each exam and a detailed score report.  With only two official exams available from the AAMC these test are more valuable than ever.

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Free MCAT Question of the day emails

Want daily MCAT practice right in your inbox?  Sign up below to receive daily questions from our MCAT experts.  All questions feature a detailed answer and explanation.

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