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The MCAT Change: Why it is happening and What it Means for Your Students

Thursday July 10th – 1:30pm EDT

Your probably know that the MCAT is going to be changing in 2015 but do you know all the reason behind it? What about how it will impact your current and future students? Register for this session if you want to:

– Learn about the demographic factors and other reasons behind the change.

– Watch as our resident MCAT expert walks through some sample problems from the new section of the test.

– Possibly win a copy of our new book that focuses on preparing for the new Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section of the test.

We will be giving away two copies of our new book, one to someone who registers for the webinar, and another to someone who attends the webinar. Also we will be sending out a recording of the session to everyone who registers, so register even if you are not sure if you can make it or not.

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The MCAT Now and Then: What You Need to Know Before and After the 2015 Test Change

Tuesday July 22nd – 7pm EDT

Join Bryan Schnedeker of Next Step Test Preparation for a free webinar on the MCAT and what to expect on test day. Bryan is a veteran MCAT instructor who has helped thousands of students achieve the score they need to get into their top choice medical school. In addition to teaching thousands of students, Bryan also serves at Next Step’s Academic Director and MCAT Guru and achieved a 44 on the current version of the exam. In addition to discussing the current MCAT, Bryan will discuss the changes coming to the test in 2015 and what they mean for you.

In this event we will cover:

– What the MCAT is really testing

– What content is covered, and how it will change in 2015

– How the new section length and format will change student study plans

– How to approach questions on test day by working through a few sample problems including some from the new section of the test.

– Understanding timelines for the test change.

Even if you are not sure if you will be able to attend or not, please register.  We will be sending out follow up materials and a recording of the session to everyone who registers.

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