Admissions Master Class: Selecting Schools

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You can see the entire Master Class in the video below. Make sure to save this URL so you don’t lose it!

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Get the guidance and support you need to get you through the med school application process. Next Step’s experienced Admissions Consultants provide personalized guidance that can take you from good applicant to great candidate.

It is never too early to start discussing your med school application.

Next Step’s Mock Med School Interviews

Making a good impression during your medical school interviews is crucial. This is one of the final steps before acceptance or rejection. You want to be as prepared as you possibly can for the stress of interview day and the questions you’ll face while you’re interviewing. Our Mock Interviews package can help get you there.

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Next Step’s Primary Applications Package

Your primary med school application is often the first thing med school programs will see when analyzing a candidate. Make your primary application, which includes your personal statement, acceptance worthy. Our Admissions Consultants can help polish your applications and improve your chances of getting secondaries and interviews.

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Next Step’s Secondary Applications & Interviews Package

After the primaries, there are secondary applications to submit. Then, if you’re one of the lucky ones, interviews. Our Admissions Consultants can provide the support and coaching necessary to take you from good to great candidate. Don’t let these next steps in the admissions process derail your plans for greatness.

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Next Step’s Comprehensive Admissions Package

Need help through the entire admissions process? Our Admissions Consultants can take you from the planning stages to submission and even further. They will guide you from your primaries to your final school choice. Take the guesswork out of the admissions process with our Comprehensive Package.

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You can save on your Medical School Admissions Consulting Package if you have already prepped for the MCAT with us, or by bundling MCAT Prep with Admissions Consulting. Set up a free consultation below to learn more.

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