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MCAT Office Hours

Below are recordings of a couple of our recent sessions.Check them out to learn what our office hours are all about:

Full Length 3 Review:

This session provided an in-depth review of some of the content on Next Step’s 3rd full length exam. The instructor for this session was Andrew Dombrowski. He has almost ten years of university-level teaching experience at institutions including the University of Chicago and UC Berkeley. He was one of the first tutors in the nation to take the new format MCAT in the 2015 testing season, scoring a 523 on his own exam (top 1% nation-wide), including a perfect score in the new Psychology section. He loves connecting with the individualized needs and backgrounds of each student to help them attain their goals.

Content Review:

This session provided attendees with a deep dive into fluid dynamics. It focused specifically on buoyancy, hydrostatics, flow and Bernoulli’s principle. This session was led by Phillip Hawkins. Phil has spent over 4 years in MCAT prep. He graduated with degrees in Biology and Chemistry before completing 4 years in a MD/PHD program at the University of Nebraska. In addition to MCAT prep, Phil now works full-time helping to develop Next Step’s MCAT materials.