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Online MCAT Classes & Courses

Customized just for you

 Next Step’s MCAT Course has more of everything you need. More books, more online resources, and the world’s best instructors, all for about half the price of a course from any other major test prep company.

Students in our test cohort showed an average increase of 9 to 10 points

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As seen in:

That’s a big claim, we know. Read more to see how we back that up with our MCAT classes. Here’s the preview:

  • A personalized study schedule, generated to fit your specific needs, with daily course assignments from first day to test day
  • All of the released AAMC full-length MCAT exams and all of Next Step’s full-length MCAT exams; take full-length exams or practice section-by-section to improve your test taking skills
  • 100+ hours of core teaching videos available on-demand
  • 10+ hours of live office hours and strategy sessions every week (recordings available)
  • 1,000-question online discrete Question Bank
  • Over 10,000 total practice content and multiple-choice questions included across all of your course materials
  • Unbeatable Support: Live office hours to get answers from our top MCAT experts, email support, access to our Next Step forums, and a 1-on-1 personal orientation to the course when you start
  • Industry Leading Instructor Guarantee (only 98%+ scorers, with at least 4 years of  teaching experience)
  • Next Step score guarantee: if you don’t improve you can extend the course or get a refund*
  • A strong focus on test-taking strategies and AAMC-style critical-thinking skills
  • Brought to you by Next Step – over 35,000 MCAT students have worked with our materials since the new test launched in 2015

What are students saying about our class?

The course is great at preparing you for only the relevant topics that will be seen on the MCAT. Furthermore, the way the class is set up forces you to understand topics rather than memorize, which allows for greater critical thinking capacity during tests when applying relevant information to different topics. Finally, the study schedule revisits topics consistently so you don’t just “learn and forget”.

– CB, Next Step MCAT Class Student

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Love this course so far! The interactive classes keep me motivated and paying attention, and the book is written in an easy to digest format. I especially like checking my understanding of the material with the end-of-chapter quizzes and section exams. I really feel like I am learning the material. The study schedule is a live saver--I don't think I would've been able to stay as in track during my school break without it. I also love how the lectures have practice problems and passages built in with a walk-through of the logic behind each lesson. I find it super helpful.
I've already recommended Next Step to a couple of people. I was very happy with the product. This is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I used Kaplan and I didn’t get a lot out of it. I thought the strongest aspect of the Next Step program was their focus on high yield subjects. I saw significant increases in my score this time around. I was very happy with how the FL and section tests correlated to the real MCAT.
SBSBNext Step MCAT Student
Next Step’s MCAT course provided SO many helpful resources – from content review videos and strategy in the lesson videos to full length practice exams and individual discrete questions for practice. While at first this may seem overwhelming, their study schedule tool is an excellent starting point to create a comprehensive plan for your studying when you have really no clue where to start. I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience with the Next Step course.
Once I began using the resources; I saw a tremendous and consistent increase in my practice test score, which I am hopeful will translate into my actual exams. The resources available are one of a kind. The resources available are endless. This is definitely worth the investment! I am glad I found such a unique MCAT course that actually works and helps complement our hard work.
I found out I received a 510 on the MCAT today! This was a very solid score for getting into medical school. This was a huge improvement from my 497 on the diagnostics exam. For my first (and perhaps last) time taking this exam, I was very happy with the score I got. Thank you to the Next Step team for helping me prepare for this first obstacle in becoming a physician. I felt very confident and prepared come test day thanks to my 4-month preparation.
Next Step MCAT prep course was very beneficial to me. It helped me stay on track and focus on the high yield material, which are the most important and more likely to show on the actual test. Also, they have some of the best instructors you could ever ask for or be provided by any other prep company.  If you start studying for the MCAT early enough, you could also make use of their great content review videos and use their other resources to practice as much as you can.

Want to test drive the course?

Our free demo includes:

  • Half length diagnostic exam

  • One full-length MCAT practice test

  • First lesson of our course and a selection of our content review videos

You’ll be emailed an access code to test-drive the course within 15 minutes. If our course isn’t a good fit, keep the resources for free.

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Demo our course and exams today!

In order to schedule a consultation you must include a phone number.

Ready to get serious about your MCAT prep?

 MCAT prep as unique as you

MCAT Prep Course Customized To Your Unique Needs

Our online course revolves around a self-paced review of videos covering core lessons to help get you into medical school. It is supplemented by 10+ hours per week of live group office hours led by a live instructor as well as thousands of practice passages and questions. The first thing you’ll do is answer a few simple questions and our adaptive system will generate a dynamic, customized study plan for you.

These include:

  • How long you will be studying for the MCAT (1-6 months)
  • How intensely you’ll be studying (full-time, part-time, <10 hours/week)
  • Your key content areas of concern

Our proprietary platform generates a detailed MCAT study plan and day-by-day schedule to ensure that you will be successful on test day.

On a tight timeline?

When you take Next Step’s Online MCAT Class, you can choose between between 2 different customized study plan options. The full-length course study plan allows for personalized content and strategy focus over 1 to 6 months. The express study plan focuses on strategy and is designed to be completed in a prep period of 30-45 days.

Your custom schedule becomes your go-to resource to see exactly what you should be doing each day. You can go back and change your schedule at any point, retaining all your course progress.  The end result is that you will have a customized study plan to guide you to your MCAT goals from day one.  If your timeline, goal, or life changes, so will your plan.

Will you be ready on test day?

We know exactly what you need to succeed

The core of our MCAT preparation program is a series of twenty lessons taught by Bryan Schnedeker and Dr. Anthony Lafond. Bryan and Dr. Lafond have each been teaching and tutoring MCAT students for over a decade, and now their expertise is available to you in these lessons.

  • You’ll pre-read specific chapters from our Content Review books (also available as secure online PDFs)
  • Alongside your coursebook, you’ll learn with the core lesson video at your own pace and work through dozens of MCAT questions integrated seamlessly into the lessons
  • You’ll review the topic through problems in our MCAT Question Bank
  • You’ll bring any questions you have to our weekly live online MCAT office hours led by our team of MCAT experts (including Anthony and Bryan)

Perhaps most importantly, at regular intervals you’ll be assigned a timed section and then full-length practice exams to track your progress.

You will be led by world class MCAT experts

Who is your teacher?

It’s so simple, but SO important. Before you enroll in any MCAT program, ask “Who is my teacher?” If a company won’t (or can’t!) tell you, then you don’t want to invest your time and money with them. At Next Step, we understand the value that excellent teachers bring to the classroom. We only hire the best, and our online course classes and office hours are only produced and staffed by our most senior staff.

Our MCAT Content Team following a retreat in Austin, TX

Through our comprehensive MCAT curriculum

Engaging videos utilizing problem-based learning

We get it – online videos are boring!  That’s why our core lesson videos include dozens of understanding checks and sample questions as you go – both MCAT-like multiple choice exams and content questions like matching, word banks, diagram completion, and more. If you have already been bored to tears watching hours of free MCAT videos, see how ours are different.

Want to get started today? Click below to enroll now!

Unmatched materials

Our materials were built from the ground up for the revised MCAT.

Simply put, they can’t be beat

Strategy and Practice Books:

Strategy and Practice MCAT books provide hundreds of MCAT passages and thousands of practice questions along with thorough explanations. They are appropriate for students who have already completed significant content review and are now ready to prepare for the strategic problem-solving required for a top MCAT score.

Over 150 practice passages

Content Review Books:

Next Step’s Content Review MCAT books provide an extensive foundation of the science knowledge and understanding at the core of a top MCAT performance. Students starting out on the exam will benefit from a thorough review of the material. Additionally, each book provides over 1,000 practice questions to drill and test knowledge. What sets our content books apart is this focus not just on providing basic information but on giving students the opportunity to thoroughly understand a subject through drilling.

Over 4000 MCAT Practice Questions

Additional MCAT Prep Books

The MCAT Question Book provides 2,000 discrete MCAT science questions to hone content knowledge as you work through the course. Our Coursebook is designed to be your companion as you work your way through your online syllabus.  The Verbal Practice book is our best-selling MCAT prep book, designed to give you even more practice on what many students find to be the most challenging section of the MCAT.

Full-Length Exams Every Next Step student receives access to all of the official AAMC practice full-length exams. In addition, you will receive access to all of Next Step’s full-length practice exams, plus our half-length diagnostic.

Realistic Interface:

  • Mimics what you will see on test day. Our interface is designed to replicate the look and feel of the real MCAT, including highlighting, answer cross-out, and the correct one-question-per-page format.
  • Built from the ground up for the new exam. The passages mimic the experimental focus and bio-heavy nature of the revised exam, with no “re-used” passages that were written for the old test.
  • Continuously updated. In January 2016 we re-balanced and re-scored our exams based on feedback from over 10,000 students who used our diagnostic and full-length exams in 2015. We continuously tweak and update our exams to provide the most MCAT-like experience possible.

Full Answers and Explanations:

  • Statistical performance breakdowns. After taking the MCAT practice test, understand how you performed in each section, broken down by AAMC’s topic area sub-categories and cognitive skill categories.
  • All of the full-length exams and the half-length diagnostic have been updated to reflect the new data released from the AAMC in 2015.
  • Simulation of the new Psychological Foundations section. Our passages, written by professional psychologists working with veteran MCAT instructors, provide the most realistic and challenging practice possible for the new psychology and sociology content.

AAMC Official Guide Passages and Next Step Question Bank

You will get access to our online Qbank with 1,000 science questions (as well as Next Step’s QBook with over 2,000 more). Use our tools to isolate questions in your areas of weakness. Every question was written for the revised MCAT, and every question has complete explanations. You will also get to continue your practice with real AAMC questions in the online Official Guide passage sets.

Interactive Recorded Videos

You’ll have access to over 100 hours of video, all with integrated quizzing, streaming in HD to any device:

  • Twenty 2.5-3 hour core sessions
  • One hundred science review videos on the trickiest MCAT topics (Electrochemistry! Buoyant Force!) (See full list)
  • Strategy Review and AAMC Full-Length MCAT review videos (also available as live office hours)

Live Office Hours

Eventually, every MCAT student will identify key areas of weakness in his or her performance that can’t be resolved by continuous drilling. That’s where our live office hours and strategy sessions come in.

  • Scheduled review sessions for each of of the core sessions. Students don’t need to start our program on a particular timeline, since we run review calendars for popular test dates. For example, students starting our program on April 1 for an August test date can join a review of Core Lesson 1 the first week, Core lesson 2 the second week, etc.
  • Full-length reviews. We schedule reviews of both the AAMC questions and Next Step exams on a rolling basis
  • Work with our expert instructors – not junior TAs. Bryan, Anthony, Clara, Andrew, and Phil actively lead every office hour session – you never work with a junior instructor who scored a 512 last month or a re-trained SAT instructor

Can’t make a live session? We keep a recorded database of sessions on particular topics you can review any time.

World’s best MCAT instructors & Tutors

To be the best, work with the best MCAT instructors

For decades, in-person MCAT test prep courses have had incredibly spotty instructor quality. When a big company has to hire 1,000 new instructors every year, it is inevitable that many of them are grossly underqualified. When you take Next Step’s Online MCAT Class, you are guaranteed to work through a program designed and taught by the nation’s best MCAT experts.

Bryan Schnedeker is Next Step’s Vice President for MCAT Development. Bryan has over 15 years of experience teaching the MCAT. He taught for over a decade at one of the major preparation companies. He scored a 525 on the 2015 MCAT and a 44 on the old exam (both high 99th percentile MCAT scores). Bryan has written dozens of MCAT passages and hundreds of pages of MCAT books. His writing on the MCAT has been featured in US News and World Report.

Here’s what Bryan’s last student said about him:

When I initially took the MCAT Diagnostic Test, I scored a 496. Then with Bryan’s help, I was able to get my score to a 512. His daily schedule and valuable hints/tools really made the difference. Would recommend 100%!! It truly made the difference between medical school being a dream versus medical school being a reality. Next Step knows what they’re doing with a proven method. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking to improve their score. – DM

Dr. Anthony Lafond  is Next Step’s National Content Director and our most highly rated MCAT tutor. He completed his MD/PhD at UMDNJ. He has over a decade of teaching and tutoring experience and a proven track record of success helping students succeed on the MCAT. He began his MCAT career over a decade ago. Here’s what Anthony’s last student said about him: “I think that Anthony was EXCELLENT!!! I really like how helpful they he was. I liked Anthony’s teaching style — he took his time and I didn’t feel rushed through the material. Here I come MCAT!” – SJ

Clara Gillan has been a full-time MCAT instructor since graduating from USC 4 years ago. She scored a 526 on her own MCAT. She has worked with hundreds of students. Taking a lead role in developing Next Step’s MCAT practice tests and questions, Clara combines a strong background in biology with a “AAMC voice”. 

Here’s what Clara’s last student said about her:

Guess who got a 514? I DID!!!!! I attached the picture of my breakdown. I killed psych- obviously!! Physics and bio were also amazing. verbal really was poor, but exactly where I was practicing so I can’t beat myself up about it now. I am very very happy and very relieved. I know you say I could have done it without you- but I don’t think that’s true. You have been an integral part of my experience and I thank you a thousand times over for being there for me to emotionally and academically. I will keep in touch down my journey. If you have time- CALL ME! I want to freak out!!! THANKS A MILLION CLARA!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!” – RF 


Phillip Hawkins Phil graduated with degrees in Biology and Chemistry before completing 4 years in a MD/PhD program at the University of Nebraska. He has spent over 4 years in MCAT preparation, now working full-time to help develop Next Step’s MCAT materials.

Here is what one of Phil’s students said about him:

“Philip is great at taking complex topics and explaining them in ways that are easy to understand. I wish he would’ve been my tutor when I was taking physics in undergrad! After working with him, I increased my MCAT by 15 points. I am now an M1 at Washington University, and I couldn’t have done it without him!”

Andrew Dombrowski graduated with his Bachelor’s and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago where he studied Linguistics, after which Andrew attended the post-baccalaureate program at UC-Berkeley Extension where he studied anatomy, biology, and chemistry. Andrew was one of the first tutors in the nation to take the new format MCAT in the 2015 testing season, scoring a 523 on his own exam (top 1% nation-wide), including a perfect score in the new Psychology section. He has almost ten years of university-level teaching experience at institutions including the University of Chicago and UC Berkeley. Andrew’s favorite part of tutoring is connecting with the individualized needs and backgrounds of each student to help them attain their goals. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his two-year-old son.   Here’s what one of Andrew’s recent students said about him: “Andrew was an amazing tutor! With his help, I made tremendous progress towards my academic and intellectual goals.” – Tamara K

MCAT Pricing and Comparison

Our goal has always been to offer the highest quality prep for significantly less than any other major MCAT prep class company.  We created this class to bring the highest quality MCAT prep course at a price that cannot be beat. We think we have accomplished this goal. Next Step’s Online MCAT Course retails for $1,299 and includes:

  • 6 months of access to all online resources including study planner, videos, question bank, and the NS full-lengths
  • 6 months of access to MCAT Office Hours live sessions and live Strategy Reviews
  • A complete set of all 11 Next Step MCAT books, revised January 2017 (PDFs also available)
  • Access to all AAMC full-length MCAT exams plus AAMC Official Guide Passage Pack (1 year access directly through AAMC’s interface)
  • Next Step’s  Instructor and score guarantees*

Why is Next Step’s course so much more affordable? It’s simple: Most major MCAT test preparation companies offer in-person classes. In-person MCAT classes mean more overhead cost for the company; there’s rent to pay after all. Online MCAT classes aren’t burdened by those costs and the prices should reflect those savings, though they rarely do. Next Step thinks it’s time for a change, so we pass our savings onto you!

Next Step accepts Paypal Credit for the purchase of our online MCAT course. With Paypal Credit, accepted applicants may receive up to 6 months no-interest financing.  To use or apply for Pay Pal credit select Pay Pal as your payment method at checkout then follow the prompts.  Want to learn more about Pay Pal Credit – Click here to view terms and conditions.

 Next Step MCAT ClassKaplan MCAT On-Demand
Full Length Exams (Including AAMC Exams)1313
Books (pages)6,000+3,000
Instructor GuaranteeYesNo
Score GuaranteeYesYes
Live Online Office Hours10+ Hours Per WeekZero

Information from competitor website on 3/25/16

If you have already purchased exams from us your enrollment will be discounted:

4 Exam Bundle: Enroll for $1,200

6 Exam Bundle: Enroll for $1,150

10 Exam Bundle: Enroll for $1,050

Ready to upgrade your account?  Click below:

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Best class. Best guarantees.

Next Step Instructor Guarantee

Please — before you sign up for any MCAT program, make sure you understand the specific credentials of the MCAT instructors who put the program together and from whom you will be learning on a daily basis. You will not find this level of assurance on instructor quality from any other major prep company. Everyone you interact with during your Next Step Online MCAT Course will have:

  • Scored in the 98th or 99th percentile on the real actual AAMC MCAT
  • Taught for 4+ years (often at another company before joining Next Step)
  • Received universally excellent marks in student reviews
  • Worked as a member of our content team, writing and editing our MCAT prep material (gaining a higher level of familiarity with the way the AAMC thinks)

Next Step Score Guarantee

We offer the simplest score guarantee in the industry:

  • If at the end of six months of using our course you don’t feel ready to take the MCAT, you can elect to extend your access for an additional 6 months to continue prepping
  • If your MCAT score improves, but you’re not satisfied with the improvement, you can extend your access for an additional 6 months to prep for a re-take
  • If your official MCAT score does not improve over a previous official MCAT score or your Next Step Diagnostic test taken within 2 weeks of starting the course, you can either receive a refund of your tuition or receive another 6 months to prep for a re-take*

*For full details and course enrollment agreement click here

Try us out for FREE!

Free Demo Course.  Free Diagnostic.  Free Full Length MCAT.

Don’t take our word for what’s included in our course. Please sign up for a free sample of our program. This sample includes:

  • Free Full-Length MCAT practice test
  • Free Half-Length MCAT diagnostic
  • Free MCAT Science diagnostic
  • Access to a sample QBank quiz
  • Access to the first lesson video and a selection of content review videos

If you sign up for our free demo you keep these resources and study guides for free. You also can work through the first unit of our program and see if it’s the right fit.

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Demo our course and exams today!

In order to schedule a consultation you must include a phone number.


I already bought Next Step’s Full-Length Exams. Can I get a discount?

Yes! For 2016, if you bought our full-length exams and would like to upgrade to the full course, we will discount you the purchase price of the practice tests. Note – discount only applies to purchases with active full-length accounts made in the last 6 months.

Payment and Terms
Students have the option of making full payment at enrollment or paying half on enrollment and half charge automatically in 30 days.

All The Fine Print

Competitor offerings and pricing taken from corporate websites and may not be current. MCAT is a registered trademark of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), which has not reviewed or endorsed this product. Click here for the complete details of the Next Step Score Guarantee. Copyright Next Step Test Preparation LLC, 2016. Next Step Test Preparation is a reseller of certain products and services owned and fulfilled by Next Step Pre-Med LLC.  For full terms, conditions, and to review course enrollment agreement click here.

What Students Are Saying About Our MCAT Class