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Preparing for the New MCAT 2015

The MCAT is undergoing significant changes in 2015. The current format of the exam will be offered through January 2015. Starting with April MCAT dates, only the new format will be offered.

If you are planning on taking the current version of the exam, please see our central MCAT tutoring page.

The new MCAT 2015 changes represent the biggest update since the exam shifted to a computer-based test. Next Step has been preparing for over a year to begin helping students for the new exam.

What are We Doing to Prepare Our MCAT Tutoring Program?

Next Step Test Preparation will begin offering one-on-one tutoring for the 2015 MCAT beginning on October 1, 2014. We are making the following preparations to make sure we can offer the highest level of prep for the new exam:

  • Our students will have access to several practice exams in addition to the official AAMC practice material.
  • Next Step students will have access to over 500 pages of preparatory material on the new psychology and sociology section, authored by our MCAT director (44 score on the old scale).
  • Each Next Step tutor will have undergone a rigorous re-training process, including score-qualifying to take the new exam by working through every released AAMC practice problem and our own internal preparation materials. Tutors must pass a re-certification exam to qualify. We expect to have the most rigorous re-certification program in the industry.

While a timeline of 6 months is sufficient for most students studying for the MCAT, students who do wish to begin their studies earlier can utilize resources for the current exam on the biological sciences, physical sciences, and verbal reasoning sections. While there will be significant changes to each of these 3 sections, learning the fundamentals and reviewing the sciences will prove helpful.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please contact us if you or your son or daughter is interested in working through our program for the 2015 MCAT. Students and parents are rightly apprehensive about the extensive changes to the exam. We can help to discuss an ideal study plan and put the pieces in place to kick off at the ideal time.

Our pricing and packages will remain the same for the new MCAT.

Please see our detailed report on the scoring scale for the revised MCAT.

About the New MCAT

Please visit our 2015 MCAT information page to learn more about the exam.

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