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One-on-one LSAT Tutoring

The LSAT is standardized, but our students are not. We have helped thousands of students raise their LSAT scores through our customized private tutoring program. How can we help you? 


As seen in:

One-On-One, Customized LSAT Tutoring Programs

Your LSAT program is completely personalized to your needs. Experienced LSAT tutors will work with you every step of the way to help you earn your highest possible score. The program is perfect for:

  • Students just begining their LSAT prep
  • Students who took a group prep course but didn’t reach their score goals
  • Those looking to raise their scores substantially on a retake

A History of Success

Our students average a double-digit score improvement on the LSAT. With their improved LSAT scores, our students have been admitted to over 100 law schools – often with significant financial aid. Since 2009, Next Step has successfully worked with thousands of LSAT students. Our students have been admitted to over 100 law schools including:

  • Yale
  • Stanford
  • Harvard
  • NYU
  • Columbia
  • Chicago
  • Northwestern
  • Duke
  • Columbia
  • Michigan
  • Georgetown
  • Washington
  • Michigan State
  • WashU – St. Louis
  • Cornell

Our students have also been admitted to dozens of state and regional law schools, often with tens of thousands of dollars of financial aid.

What are students saying about our tutoring programs?


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NickNickNext Step LSAT Tutoring Student
My scores since working with Next Step have skyrocketed, from a preliminary score of 154 to 174. Which is right in the range I was hoping to reach.
LARALARANext Step LSAT Tutoring Student
Ivan’s immense skill allowed him to not only identify where I was making mistakes and why, but to teach me the “tricks” necessary to rectify these mistakes. This is what enabled me to go from a 152 on my diagnostic test to a 173 on test day.
STEPHSTEPHNext Step LSAT Tutoring Student
I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I scored a 157 on my LSAT this past June– a 14 point improvement! Thanks again for all of your help. Sean was a great tutor.
Good news I did as well as I wanted on the LSAT improving from 146 to 154. University of Idaho accepted me for the fall! Thanks again,
MATT B.MATT B.Next Step LSAT Tutoring Student
I would recommend your LSAT tutoring services to others because I have had improvement in my scores despite the limited time working with my tutor. Thank you very much for the help. It definitely has made a difference.
DOUGDOUGNext Step LSAT Tutoring Student
Gabe is really a great help and I’m already appreciative of your service of finding high-end tutors for people. These other companies just stick warm bodies in front of people and give them a script to read. Not a good way to approach the most important test in one’s life.
EMILYEMILYNext Step LSAT Tutoring Student
I am consistently impressed with Next Step’s approach to LSAT preparation. I have made tremendous improvements on both my strongest and weakest sections since working with my LSAT tutor.

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Get a Free LSAT Consultation

A Next Step Academic Manager will contact you within 1 business day or call us now at 888-530-6398.

 LSAT Tutoring Program

Next Step LSAT students begin with a diagnostic exam to understand their starting level and to gauge initial strengths and weaknesses. Students meet with their instructors once or twice per week, usually for 2 hours at a time. At each session:

  • Student and tutor deep-dive on previous homework, breaking down real past LSAT questions in detail
  • New topics or question types are reviewed, working from basic LSAT tasks (like finding an argument’s conclusion) to the most challenging questions (parallel reasoning and complex formal logic)
  • Homework drills and timed prep test practice are assigned

Students should ideally plan to prepare for the LSAT for 2-4 months; longer and shorter plans can be designed as well, particularly for students who have done some studying on their own or who are retaking the exam.

Next Step has extensive experience helping students in three particular LSAT cases:

Students looking for a 165+ score. Students aiming for the top 10% need more than the basic methodology – they need to spend significant time analyzing and drilling on the 10 most challenging questions in each section (parallel reasoning, formal logic, and the toughest logic games). A customized approach helps us zero in on even minor weaknesses to optimize scores.

Students who have already taken a prep course. Students often complete a LSAT prep course only to find they don’t have a solid grasp on the material or that their prep test scores are short of their goals. We can help students craft a focused program to optimize scores, even after they have learned the basics with a group course.

Students who are re-taking the LSAT. According to LSAC data, the average student improves only 1-2 points on a second LSAT test attempt. Next Step students have been able to earn score increases up to 15 points. We do this by working with students to thoroughly break down their past performance, analyzing hundreds of real LSAT questions to understand gaps in knowledge and areas to improve timing and accuracy.

See a sample LSAT tutoring schedule. Please understand that your program will be customized to your needs.

Materials and Methodologies

Our focus is helping students at every score level understand the logical concepts the underlie everything on the LSAT exam. Unlike tests of knowledge, the LSAT tests skills – primarily logic skills. Students who come to us after prep courses often report that they learned lots of “tricks” but didn’t have these underlying tools. Our methodology book covers these topics in-depth and is designed to be used exclusively on our one-on-one tutoring program. We license real LSAT questions from the LSAC. In addition, students get dozens of real past practice LSATs.

Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling

Since our programs are completely customized, our students can start any time. We will put together the right program to take you from your start date to the day of your test, making the best use of time available. For optimal results, students should plan to study for the LSAT for 2-4 months. However, we can design shorter or longer-term programs as well.

LSAT Tutoring Available Nationwide

We offer the same one-on-one LSAT test prep tutoring services delivered two ways.

One-on-one live face-to-face Private LSAT tutoring via video conference. Our video conference instructors have scored in the top 2% on the exam and have years of LSAT teaching experience. Please see here for more information about our video conference tutoring experience. Students who work with us online have access to our most experienced instructors. Our online students have posted score gains equal to or greater than our in-person students.

In-person in select cities:

New York
San Diego
Detroit Metro

Washington DC
Ann Arbor, MI

LA Baltimore
Las Vegas

While many students are initially looking for in-person services, our online program allows students everywhere the chance to work with 3+ year tutoring veterans. We are happy to arrange a complimentary demonstration of the technology — just email us at [email protected].

Here is what a recent Next Step LSAT student had to say:


Next Step provided me with an excellent LSAT tutor. The Kaplan program listed my strengths and weaknesses, but didn’t provide me with any advice for improving them. My tutor gave me specific strategies and suggestions designed to help me overcome my weaknesses and succeed on test day. He offered me advice based on my own experiences, rather than those of a generic student. He was personable and professional, and I really enjoyed working with him.

Next Step LSAT Tutoring Student


LSAT Tutoring Prices and Packages

Each Next Step Student works through a completely custom program. From start date to test day, you’ll get a one-on-one instruction with a veteran LSAT instructor to help you earn your best possible score. Our packages reflect options for students who are looking for longer or shorter timelines, as well as more or less engagement with their private tutor.

Crash Course

  • 3-6 Weeks
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Proprietary Coursebook
  • 20 LSAT Preptests
  • “Recent LSATs Explained”
  • See Sample Plan

Comprehensive Plan

  • 2-3 Months
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Proprietary Coursebook
  • 30 LSAT Preptests
  • “Recent LSATs Explained”
  • “The Law School Admissions Game”
  •  See Sample Plan

Premium Tutoring

Contact for Pricing
  • 175+ Scoring Instructor
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Proprietary Coursebook
  • 40 LSAT Preptests
  • “Recent LSATs Explained”
  • “The Law School Admissions Game”
  • See Sample Plan

Note: New York LSAT tutoring rates differ.

Competitors’ LSAT Tutoring Rates:*


LSAT Class: $1,399

15 Hours LSAT Tutoring: $2,599

Princeton Review

LSAT Class: $1,449

24 Hours LSAT Tutoring: $3,600 – $7,200

Professional one-on-one tutoring is a significant investment in your success, but one that can pay off in admission to better law schools and more financial aid.

We offer multi-payment plans on any tutoring package.  Contact us for details.

Our packages include all material the material you will need – there are no additional fees for materials, taxes, or hidden fees.

*Competitor prices are taken from corporate websites at time of publication and may not be up to date.

Not sure what package is right for you? Schedule a free consultation!


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Get a Free LSAT Consultation

A Next Step Academic Manager will contact you within 1 business day or call us now at 888-530-6398.

How Does Next Step Test Preparation’s one-on-one LSAT Tutoring Program Compare to Group Courses like Kaplan? 

“I had taken the prep course prior to receiving private tutoring through Next Step and I wish I had skipped the former and gone straight to the latter”


University of North Carolina Law School

Expert Instruction.

 Incredible Results.

Next Step Test Preparation students work one-on-one with an incredible LSAT instructor. Frequently, our instructors worked for years at other prep companies or independently before joining our team.

Each of our LSAT instructors has scored in the top percentiles of the exam. But more importantly, they each have demonstrated the ability to teach these concepts to students throughout the score range. Our LSAT tutors aren’t the “sage on the stage” – they adapt the lessons to students of all abilities.

Our instructors work through a three-phase hiring process before they work with our students.

We would be happy to discuss the specific credentials of our tutor in your area; just contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Meet two of our veteran LSAT instructors:

Rob scored a 174 on the LSAT (99th percentile), has taught LSAT for 10 years, and went to UPenn Law School

Zack is a full-time LSAT instructor for Next Step. He scored a 173 on the test and has been teaching for 6 years.

LSAT Success Stories


Q: Will I need to buy any additional materials for the tutoring?

No — all necessary materials, including prep book and practice exams, are included in the tutoring fee. If you’d like to receive a PDF of our prep book table of contents, email [email protected] Materials are shipped directly to your home or office via USPS Priority Mail.

Q: I know some big prep companies will re-train SAT tutors to teach other tests. How do I know my instructor will be qualified?

Each of our instructors has scored highly on an actual, LSAC-administered LSAT. At Next Step, you will work with an LSAT specialist.

Q: What if I don’t get along with my instructor?

98% of our students have been pleased with their instructor. However, if for any reason you’re not pleased we can switch instructors or offer a pro-rated refund for unused hours.

Q: Is this really better than a prep course?

We sure think so. Think about it this way — in any other area of your life, have you felt it was more effective to sit in a lecture course than to work individually with an expert? Would you go to the doctor with 20 other patients? Next Step takes LSAT prep seriously — that’s why we offer only the best service.

Q: Why haven’t I heard of Next Step? I’ve only heard of the companies that I see on campus.

We are able to offer one-on-one tutoring services for the price of a prep course because don’t invest in expensive brick and mortar test centers, and we don’t spend tens of millions per year in advertising. Most of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth. When you spend $1,400 on a prep course, the vast majority of that cost is going to the advertising it took to get you there. We think there is a better way.

Q: Can I buy just one hour of tutoring?

While we can arrange a demo lesson before students commit to a longer package, we don’t think it’s effective to meet with a tutor just once. This sets the wrong expectation – that there are secrets that student can learn in an hour and then instantly make a huge increase. Our program is a long-term partnership between student and tutor.

Applying to law school? Need help with all those fees?

The road to becoming a lawyer is certainly not a cheap one. It may as well be paved in gold with the amount of money you’ll have to shell out by the time you finish. The application process is just the beginning, and it too can get pretty expensive. Wondering just how much the application process can cost? Check it out:

That cost can only go up; if you need to retake the exam or choose to apply to a higher number of schools that cost keeps growing.

Next Step wants to help defer these costs. We know that applying can be difficult and we want to make it a little easier. As such we are offering a scholarship to help get you started on the road to becoming a lawyer.

So, what do you need to do to apply for this scholarship?

  • Submit a resume
  • Submit a copy of your informal transcript
  • Write an essay in 500 words or less answering the following question: What was a recent event that reaffirmed your desire to become a lawyer?

The first prize winner will receive a $1000 scholarship. The second prize winner will receive a $200 scholarship to help with the costs of the application process.

Apply now!

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Next Step Test Preparation will award 2 checks to chosen winners for $1,000 and $200. Offer is open only to undergraduate students in the United States and Canada. One submission per person. Submissions for the 2018 scholarship must be received by midnight, January 31, 2018. Next Step staff will choose winners based on dedication to pursuing a career in the law and academic record. Offer void where prohibited. 

What are students saying about our LSAT tutoring?

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december 2017

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february 2018

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