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Work one-on-one with a veteran GRE instructor — wherever you are.

How important is it that you or your son or daughter work with a truly great GRE instructor? Not simply someone who has taught some ACT before or who is “good at math” — but someone who:

  • Has scored in the top 2% on the exam nationally
  • Has taught dozens or hundreds of students over many years?
  • Is a graduate of a top university like Stanford, Northwestern, CalTech, or Harvard?

Many of our students come to us initially checking availability for local face-to-face instruction. While it’s not difficult to find great GRE instructors in New York or Chicago, students in smaller areas face a real challenge.

Of course, you could always hire a tutor who knows general math and who mostly works with grade-school students on algebra. But top performers on the GRE understand that the exam is not simply a test of general math or verbal skills — it tests those skills in specific, repeatable ways that only focused study on the GRE can reveal.

What we’ve found is that our students improve the most when they work with the most experienced GRE instructors. 

That’s why we guarantee that if you work with our online GRE tutoring program you will work with an instructor with 3+ years of tutoring experience. This is the kind of instruction most students can’t get down the street — experts who not only did incredibly well on the GRE themselves, but also have a track record of helping students improve.

Brian has taught the GRE for over 3 years. He scored in the 99th percentile on both math and verbal.

Rich has taught the GRE since 1999. He has written and edited GRE prep books and scored in the 99th percentile on the exam himself.


Online GRE Tutoring Demo

As you will see in the video, our one-on-one live video conference tutoring is completely personal and interactive — this is NOT simply recorded videos and NOT just email/chat box. You will work with one veteran, U.S.-based instructor  throughout your tutoring program.

We loan our students all necessary computer hardware including the USB writing device featured in the video. We are happy to help you install any equipment in advance of your first session so no time is ever lost to technical delays.

Our Guarantee

We realize that our online students may be trying something new. That’s why we offer an unprecedented guarantee. If after your first online tutoring session but before your second, if you are not completely satisfied with our program, return your materials and equipment for a 100% refund. You keep the benefit of the knowledge gained during your first 2-hour session. We’ll even pay for shipping.

We are so confident you will “click” with your tutor and start improving right away that we are willing to shoulder all the risk of trying our video conference program.



Nothing we can say speaks as loudly as the results of our students who worked through our online GRE program.

“I got in!! I was just accepted into my PA program, and I want to say thank you one more time to you both! I know my GRE scores were an important part of my application, and I never could have gotten them on my own. I thoroughly appreciated and valued the ability to conduct my tutoring sessions online. My life is very busy, and includes a minimum of 3 hours of commuting every day, so being able to work with Chip from the comfort of my home was so important. I think any differences between online and in-person tutoring were negligible. Via the webcam we could see and hear each other, and with the blackboard we could work on the same problem at the same time, just as if we were working on the same piece of paper. In addition, having the sessions online gave me the ability to go back and replay our sessions, which was very helpful in refreshing my memory about tricky problems. With online tutoring, I felt like I was getting the highest quality instruction combined with the ease and convenience of working from my home.” Misty, admitted to top-choice physician’s assistant program

“Emily was a fantastic GRE tutor who allowed me to focus our sessions on the material I was having the most difficulty with. It having been years since I had taken a math course, I needed to brush up on my basic quantitative skills. Emily was patient and thorough and provided a great overview of the types of questions I would encounter on the exam.  She assigned problems between our sessions that helped to reinforce what we covered. I went into the GRE testing center on the exam date with not only a better grasp of the material but also with confidence, which made all the difference.” Paul, Philadelphia

The fine print: Guarantee applies only to online GRE students. Guarantee claim must be made within 48 hours of completion of first tutoring session. After the second tutoring session, our normal refund policies apply.