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Marin - Next Step MCAT Course Student

Marin Next Step MCAT Course Student

Comprehensive MCAT Prep, Tailored to Your Needs

The MCAT is a standardized test, but there are no standardized MCAT students. For more than a decade, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with our students, learning from them while they learn from us. The result is Next Step’s powerful suite of comprehensive MCAT resources, including the nation’s most representative MCAT course and one-on-one tutoring with top MCAT instructors.

Start with our free MCAT diagnostic exam, and we’ll craft a unique study plan and curriculum that gives you everything you need to succeed on your exam, and nothing you don’t. Tens of thousands of students have raised their scores with us, and you can do the same.

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MCAT prep is a big — and important — investment of time and money. Before you dive in, take a no-risk look at how we’ve helped thousands of students get into medical school with Next Step’s Free MCAT Practice Bundle, which includes a half-length diagnostic exam, a full-length practice exam, Lesson 1 from our comprehensive MCAT course, and much more.

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Online Course

Get personalized, comprehensive MCAT prep right in your pocket, and it comes with live instruction 5 days a week.

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Work closely with an expert who’ll tailor your MCAT journey to your requirements.

MCAT Success Stories

Stuart, 517 Next Step MCAT Tutoring Student


We were really in this partnership of trying to improve my understanding of the MCAT and he was really concerned throughout, the whole time adjusting how he was teaching me things specifically catered to how I think... I would highly recommend that if you've taken the MCAT, worked with another company and weren't satisfied with your score that you use Next Step.

Scout, 516 Next Step MCAT Student


I don't think I could have succeeded as well as I did without that test prep help... It's an intimidatingly large amount of information and I think Next Step made it really easy to break it down and get all of the resources I needed in one place to study for something for such a long time.

Rebecca, 520 Next Step MCAT Tutoring Student


I loved working with Jonathan, he was exceptionally smart. He knew everything about the mcat and he was really great at synthesizing information across disciplines, connecting what I we had learned in chemistry and physics and biology to really put it all together on test day.

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