CARS Master Class

Welcome Future Doctor!

You can see the entire Master Class in the video below. Make sure to save this URL so you don’t lose it!

Want a little more practice or need a little more help?

No two MCAT test-takers are the same, so why should their MCAT test preparation be one-size-fits-all? Our personalized MCAT prep options are designed to meet your individual needs, whether you are a traditional pre-medical student with a full academic schedule, a non-traditional student with a full-time job, or somewhere in between.

We provide: The most representative tests. Fully updated content and strategy. Expert help.

And, we deliver it all at the best price.

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One MCAT Tutoring

Next Step’s One-on-One Tutoring Programs are built around each individual student. This personalized touch is the basis of our One-on-One MCAT Tutoring Programs. Our personalized support works to match students with the perfect tutor, an MCAT expert, with years of teaching experience and a proven record of success.

Online MCAT Course

Online MCAT Course

Next Step‘s Online MCAT Course provides students with access to all of the materials and expert support essential to success on the official exam. Designed and taught by our top MCAT experts, this course provides students with everything they need to prepare for Test Day while still offering the customization and support they crave.

Practice MCATs

MCAT Practice Tests

At Next Step, we put our students first by providing the most up-to-date, and most representative MCAT practice for those preparing to apply to med school. Truly representative MCAT practice is key to MCAT success. We are continuously updating our exams to stay current on changes made by the AAMC.

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