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Next Step focuses on providing fully customized, 1-on-1 tutoring for the MCAT and other graduate level admissions exams. You can use the form below to sign up for our free MCAT practice bundle and a free tutoring consultation.

Our Free Bundle Includes:

  • Half-length diagnostic
  • Our first full length practice test
  • Full answers & explanations for each question
  • Lesson one from our upcoming MCAT course


Our Free Consultation Includes:

  • Discuss goals with a test prep expert
  • Learn if tutoring is right for you
  • Discuss which tutoring package is right for you
  • Consultations are completely free of charge and there is no obligation

High Quality Tutoring No Matter Where You Are

Next Step Test Prep is committed to providing test preparation to any student who needs it. No matter where you are, we have you covered.  It doesn’t matter if you are located in LA or Ames Iowa. With tutors in 35 cities and the ability to do tutoring online you will have access to high quality tutoring no matter where you are.
Interested to see how our tutoring works?  Watch this short demo of an MCAT lesson below.  Regardless of what test we are teaching we will provide you with a high quality, customized test prep experience.

Why 1-on-1 tutoring?

Students learn better from individual attention. Prep courses curriculum was designed around the “average” student as it has to be for a class of 20 students. However, not all students are average.  Students who started under that average often got lost, as the pace of the class zoomed by them. On the other hand high-performing students looking to break into the 90th percentile are bored to tears. Often students fall into both camps — lost on one topic while completely bored in an area they had mastered. That contrasted with my work in one-on-one tutoring environments. When students work with a personal instructor, they move at the students’ pace. This allows students to focus on areas where they need the most help leading to a more efficient, and effective test prep experience.

Our MCAT Testing Platform

Written by the experts

Next Step’s MCAT diagnostic was developed by our senior MCAT directors, Bryan Schnedeker (525 MCAT score, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience) and Dr. Anthony Lafond (MD/PhD, 42 MCAT, over 10 years MCAT teaching experience).

Simulate the revised MCAT

As you likely know, the revised MCAT has made significant changes. Most importantly, a new behavioral sciences section will test your knowledge of basic psychology, sociology, and experimental design.

Receive specific feedback on your weak areas

Our exam generates a thorough report covering your performance in all the major content areas so you know where to focus your studies.

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Check out this video walk through of our MCAT testing platform.

The first full length is on us

We are so confident that we have the best full length MCAT exams available that we are the only test prep company that will give you one for free.  Our practice tests have been built by our team of MCAT experts.

  • Built from the ground up for the new exam. The passages mimic the experimental focus and bio-heavy nature of the revised exam, with no “re-used” passages that were written for the old test.
  • Follows the time limits and formats of the new exam. Unlike other prep providers, every paid Next Step MCAT practice test (excluding our free diagnostic) provides a full-length, seven hour long test day experience.
  • Statistical performance breakdowns. After taking the MCAT practice test, understand how you performed in each section, broken down by AAMC’s topic area sub-categories and cognitive skill categories.
  • Simulation of the new Psychological Foundations section. Our passages, written by professional psychologists working with veteran MCAT instructors, provide the most realistic and challenging practice possible for the new psychology and sociology content.

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