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LSAT Score Conversion Table

There are three relevant numbers that make up your LSAT score: raw score, scaled score, and percentile.

LSAT Raw Score

This is simply the number of questions you got right in the four scored sections added up. This will range from 0 to 103, though typically there will be 100-101 possible points.

LSAT Scaled Score

This is your score on the 120-180 score band; this is the score that gets widely reported, and most people will talk about your LSAT score on this scale. Each test is graded on a slightly different curve; this ensures that LSAT scores are comparable across test applications, as some tests are slightly “easier” than others. (However, the margins are so small that it makes no sense to try to “take the easiest LSAT.”)  As an example, here is the score conversion chart for the June 2007 LSAT (opens test PDF).

How to Interpret Your LSAT Score

Students just starting out often want to know what a “good score” is. The short answer is that it all depends on where you would like to go to school. is a great resource to compare your actual or target LSAT scores with average scores at your target schools.

LSAT Percentile rank

Your percentile rank tells you how many students scored lower than you. For example, a student in the 90th percentile knows that 90% of students scored worse than she did. As the average LSAT score is 151, 151 scorers are generally near the 50th percentile.

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