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About ACT and SAT Tutoring with Next Step
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Our one-on-one tutoring programs help students raise their scores and get into better colleges with more financial aid.


Creating your Prep Experience

Each of our students begins with a diagnostic exam to gauge their current score level and to understand initial strengths and weaknesses. If the student has taken the exam previously, we begin with an assessment of their past performances.

Students meet with their instructor once or twice per week, usually for two hours at a time. At each session:

  • Students have the opportunity to discuss questions on their homework and re-assess their overall progress
  • New topics are covered in-depth or weaker areas are reviewed
  • Specific homework and practice exams are assigned for completion between study sessions

Students who meet their instructors in person generally meet at a public or university library.

Ideally, students prepare for the the ACT and SAT for 3-5 months. However, we have also helped students successfully optimize a shorter timeframe for maximum gain.


Next Step also specializes in helping two special cases:
  • Students who have already completed an ACT or SAT prep class through their school or another private company. Many students complete a prep course, only to feel they don’t have a solid grasp on the test material. We can help create a focused program to get you fully prepared — even after a prep course.
  • Students who have already taken the test and were unhappy with their score. Often, a student will take the ACT or SAT and fall short of a particular cut-off for admissions or a scholarship. We can help students work intelligently towards a specific score goal, focusing on weak areas but also polishing the best sections.
“After completing a Kaplan course without as much improvement as I expected, Next Step’s tutoring came as a welcome relief. Instead of forcing me to follow a rigid curriculum, my tutor adopted his teaching to my specific needs. My tutor did a phenomenal job of building my confidence and comfort with the LSAT. It made a big difference when it matted most.“ Chris, Fordham University. Improved 6 points on a re-take in under 1 month


Next Step LSAT Tutoring Versus a Prep Course

We understand how critical the LSAT is to law school admissions and, thus, your future career as an attorney. That’s why we provide what we believe is the best prep possible — one-on-one tutoring from a qualified expert.

We have learned that on the LSAT, personal attention matters because each student moves at his or her own pace. While some students need extensive training in Logic Games, others grasp them intuitively. A prep course requires that all students go at the same pace, which disadvantages all students. Whether you are starting in the 160’s or 130’s, we will design a custom program to help you hit the score you need.

Next Step believes in one-on-one tutoring, and we’ve designed our services around offering complete packages of individual tutoring starting at the price of a prep course. The decision is clear: spend long nights listening to canned lectures, or work personally with an expert LSAT instructor invested in your success.

“I had taken a prep course prior to receiving private tutoring through Next Step and I wish I had skipped the former and gone straight to the latter. I found the individual attention of a Next Step private tutor much more valuable than the group instruction.” Cameron, admitted to University of North Carolina


LSAT Tutoring Available Nationwide

We offer the same one-on-one LSAT tutoring services delivered two ways:

  • One-on-one live via internet video conference. Please see here for more information about our online tutoring experience. Students who work with us online have access to our most experienced instructors. Our online students have posted score gains equal to or greater than our in-person students.
  • In-person in select cities: Chicago, New York, San Diego, Detroit, Atlanta, Columbus, Houston, and Philadelphia.

While many students are initially looking for in-person services, our online program allows students everywhere the chance to work with 3+ year tutoring veterans. We are happy to arrange a complimentary demonstration of the technology — just email us at [email protected]

“Tutoring via Next Step’s online system was convenient and made it easy for us to target specific LSAT problem types. I have since been admitted to Harvard Law, which I don’t think would have been possible without the high score I was confident and well prepared to achieve thanks to my tutor!” H.E., Next Step Online Student

Next Step LSAT Tutoring FAQ

Q: Will I need to buy any additional materials for the tutoring?
Q: I know some big prep companies will re-train SAT tutors to teach other tests. How do I know my instructor will be qualified?
  • Each of our instructors has scored highly on an actual, LSAC-administered LSAT. At Next Step, you will work with an LSAT specialist.
Q: What if I don’t get along with my instructor?
  • 98% of our students have been pleased with their instructor. However, if for any reason you’re not pleased we can switch instructors or offer a pro-rated refund for unused hours.
Q: Is this really better than a prep course?
  • We sure think so. Think about it this way — in any other area of your life, have you felt it was more effective to sit in a lecture course than to work individually with an expert? Would you go to the doctor with 20 other patients? Next Step takes LSAT prep seriously — that’s why we offer only the best service.
Q: Why haven’t I heard of Next Step? I’ve only heard of the companies that I see on campus.
  • We are able to offer one-on-one tutoring services for the price of a prep course because don’t invest in expensive brick and mortar test centers, and we don’t spend tens of millions per year in advertising. Most of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth. When you spend $1,400 on a prep course, the vast majority of that cost is going to the advertising it took to get you there. We think there is a better way.
Q: Do you offer help on admissions as well?
  • Yes. Often, since our instructors have generally gone through the admissions process, students will have their questions answered informally by their instructor. Should a student want to spend more time with an admissions specialist, please contact us for pricing.