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Please note: The following list presents a small cross-section of our 100+ available MCAT tutors. We add new tutors frequently. Your assigned tutor may not be listed here, and tutors listed may be booked or unavailable in your area. Our Academic Managers (each with over 8 years of experience in test prep) work with you to match you or your child to the best possible instructor for their needs and timeline.

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Stephanie is a graduate of Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Chemistry, summa cum laude. She has 7 years of tutoring experience in all areas, focusing on science, writing, and test prep. She scored 2260 on the SAT (800 in Verbal), 35 on the ACT, and 36 on the MCAT with a 14 in Physical Science. She tutors the MCAT in Chapel Hill, NC and attends the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. She has published articles on the MCAT and medical school in U.S. News and World Report. 


Justin attended Harvard College where he studied Neuroscience and Health Policy. He has a perfect score on the SAT exam and scored in the 99th percentile (39) for the MCAT exam. Justin began his tutoring career in high school helping his fellow classmates prepare for the SAT and AP biology exam and continued his tutoring and mentorship work through college, helping students succeed in biology as well as MCAT strategy. Justin will be attending medical school during the following academic year.”
Here’s what Justin’s last student said about him:

“Justin fostered an environment in which I felt completely comfortable asking any question. He patiently guides his students through the thought processes until they are confident in their understanding of the material.Most of all, he facilitates the learning of concepts instead of simply solving the immediate problem or blunt memorization.” – Samantha S.


Samina graduated from the University of Chicago where she majored in both Biology and Economics. She has a perfect score on the GRE quantitative and verbal sections and scored in the 99.9th percentile on the physical sciences section on the MCAT with a 95th percentile overall score. She worked for a healthcare software company for two years and has over six years of tutoring experience. She enjoys tutoring because it allows her to adapt to the specific needs of her students to help them succeed. Outside of tutoring, she enjoys reading, traveling and yoga.

Here’s what Samina’s last student said about her:

“I got my results from my 5/22 MCAT today. I scored a 33 and I am ecstatic. I went up 6 points from when I took the test 2 years ago. I owe a huge deal of my success to my tutor Samina. She was excellent throughout the entire process. She was flexible and fit a program that was tailored to my learning preferences and work schedule. I cannot express my gratitude to Samina and Next Step enough.” – Joe D.


Jacob graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.S. degree in biopsychology. A recipient of UCSB’s Psychological and Brain Sciences Exceptional Academic Performance Award, Jacob scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT and 37 the MCAT. A friendly and enthusiastic tutor, Jacob has extensive professional experience in helping students achieve their goals in standardized testing and MCAT related science courses. Jacob helps students thrive by breaking down challenging, complex concepts so that they become tangible and intuitive. Jacob lives in Santa Barbara, California, and is an avid surfer. He will begin medical school in August 2014 at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine.


Nabiha is a Presidential Honors Scholar at SUNY-Buffalo where she is majoring in biomedical science while also studying studio art and english literature. She holds a seat in the UB School of Medicine through their linkage program and will be starting med school in the fall of 2015. She scored a 37 on her own MCAT including the 99.9th percentile in the biological sciences. She teaches and tutors in Buffalo and online. Nabiha especially enjoys crafting unique strategies to meet the needs of each individual student, rather than following a cookie cutter curriculum. When not tutoring, Nabiha enjoys drawing and recently completed an independent study on medical illustration.

Here’s what Nabiha’s last student said about her:

“The sessions I had with Nabiha were more productive than an entire class I had with another company.” – Sai G.


Clark graduated from Brigham Young University where he studied math and pre-med coursework. He’s been teaching and tutoring for nearly seven years across a wide variety of topics, including all of the MCAT sciences, MCAT test prep, spanish, and even swim lessons! For the past two years he’s been specializing in one-on-one online tutoring through a program at BYU. He scored a 38 on his own MCAT incluing 99th percentiles in the science sections. He enjoys volunteering in health care in any capacity; he spent one summer as an intern for the American Heart Association. Clark enjoys helping students become confident in their abilities and excited about math and science. Apart from his teaching and volunteer work, he enjoys playing the banjo. He teaches and tutors online and in Provo.

Here’s what Clark’s last student said about him:

“Clark was a great tutor and took the necessary time to help me understand difficult concepts. Any questions that I had that he may have been unfamiliar with never stopped him from helping me find solutions. He is an excellent tutor and any dedicated student would be very lucky to have him.” – Chase R.


Rachel graduated from the University of Virginia where she majored in chemical engineering and minored in biotechnology. She has been teaching for a decade in a very wide variety of areas, including MCAT science, test prep, math, and even swim lessons. She scored a 38 on her own MCAT, including a perfect 15 in the physical sciences. She enjoys tutoring because she can work with students to achieve success and provide assistance that is individualized to student needs. Outside of tutoring she enjoys running, yoga and trying new foods. Rachel teaches and tutors online and in the NYC area.

Here’s what Rachel’s last student said about her:

“I had the pleasure of having Rachel as a tutor. She was an amazing tutor and was able to explain different topics to in a way that fit me. She taught me different ways of finding solutions to problems and had patience in case I didn’t understand. All in all, Rachel was great and after each session with her my practice tests increased.” – Sabina M.


Michael has been teaching and tutoring since 2006 across a wide variety of subjects, including all of the MCAT sciences, MCAT test prep, and math skills. He has helped dozens of students succeed on the MCAT, having worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds on the CSUF campus. His own MCAT score was a 36, including the 98th percentile in physical sciences. Prior to becoming a med student at St. Louis University, Michael worked for several years at a Big 4 accounting firm where he developed the time-management skills and attention to detail that translate directly into success on the MCAT. As a busy med student, Michael is very selective about the students he works with, only taking 1 student at a time.

Here’s what Michael’s last student said about him:

“I can not say enough about how amazing Michael was! I was desperate to improve and Michael helped me do that! He made everything seem so simple and was incredibly patient. He was quick to respond and always on time. I would recommend him highly to everyone I know!” – Molly Z.


Andrew is a graduate of Tufts where he received his Masters in Biomedical sciences. He also studied English Literature at UMD. He received a 35 on his own MCAT. He has been teaching and tutoring for the past two years including topics such as statistics, pathology, and MCAT test prep. Andrew especially enjoys helping students develop a strong mastery of the foundational concepts needed for success on any passage, rather than focusing a superficial memorization approach. Andrew is a med student at Tufts and continues working with one or two MCAT students at a time. When his busy schedule gives him free time, Andrew likes to get outdoors with kayaking and hiking.


Kirstin is an MCAT veteran with over a decade of experience teaching and tutoring MCAT students. She holds a PhD from ASU and scored a 41 on her own exam. She previously taught courses for both Kaplan and ExamKrackers before joining the Next Step team. She teaches college level science classes while also doing MCAT teaching and tutoring.

Here’s what Kirstin’s last student said about her:

“Kirstin is the best tutor or teacher I’ve ever had for any subject. I wish she taught my classes in college instead of just my MCAT prep.” – Jon D.


Rob graduated from the University of Michigan with High Distinction, majoring in Neuroscience. He scored a 37 on his own MCAT, with a physical sciences section score in the 99.9th percentile. Rob has been teaching and tutoring for over 4 years across a variety of subjects, including the MCAT sciences and MCAT test prep. After graduating, he worked in orthopaedic surgery research. He enjoys tutoring because it allows him to personally connect with each student and find their full potential. When he’s not tutoring, Rob likes to water ski, play hockey and repair car and motorcycle engines.

Here’s what Rob’s last student said about him:

“I have really improved since Rob started tutoring me. My practice test scores have been going up and I am much more confident now. Rob is knowledgeable in all areas, and patient enough to go over problems many times and in different ways when I was struggling to grasp a concept. Rob always seemed to be able to find new ways to explain things that
made them click. I really appreciate his help, and the fact that he was reliable and willing to meet so often.” – Laura B.


Peter graduated from the University of San Diego with Departmental Honors, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Peter scored a 39 on his MCAT putting him within the top 0.5% of all test takers. He has taught and tutored for more than 3 years in biology, chemistry, physics, and other MCAT material. He takes particular pride in fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts rather than pressing memorization with his students. In his free time Peter is an active outdoorsman and enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing.

Here’s what Peter’s last student said about him:

“Peter was fantastic. He instructed in a manner that made it easy for me to absorb his knowledge.” – Keith S.


Gordon is a medical student at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. He obtained Bachelor degrees in science and in education from McMaster University and Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. A former high school teacher and published medical writer, he has been tutoring the MCAT since 2011. Gordon obtained a 35S on the MCAT and excels at breaking down complex physics and chemistry equations. Outside of studying, he loves going outdoors to camp, hike or play sports.

Here’s what Gordon’s last student said about him:

“I just wanted to say that Gordon was an awesome tutor! He was always very well prepared and he took the time to email me lots of review material/materials we used in lessons! He was also very friendly and patient. I would highly recommend him to a future student, I definitely feel like my he improved my mcat knowledge. ” – Stephanie C.


Cecilia is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where she studied biology and anthropology. Her overall score on the MCAT was a 37 placing her in the top 2% in the nation. She has three years of experience tutoring college-level coursework including the MCAT sciences (physics, organic chemistry, etc.) in addition to two years tutoring ESL students in English and math. She will be attending medical school at UC San Diego, and in her free time, she enjoys backpacking, yoga, and playing with her beagle puppy named Bear.


John is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy where he studied biology and political science. He is a veteran, and a graduate student at Colorado State University. He scored a 39 on his own MCAT including a 99th percentile score in the verbal reasoning. He has been teaching for 4 years across a variety of different areas including MCAT sciences, verbal and writing skills, and technical training while in the Air Force. John’s approach to the MCAT especially emphasizes a strong focus on critical reading and reasoning to lead to success in all three sections. When not teaching and tutoring, John keeps himself moving by running in the mountains around his home.

Here’s what John’s last student said about him:

“Organic chemistry was my nemesis until I met John. He was able to explain even the most difficult concepts in a manner that made everything seem so simple. Not only is he one of the most patient tutors I have ever met, he is relatable and kind. John’s thorough understanding of how to apply the basic concepts allows him to teach effectively and efficiently. I would recommend tutoring with John to anybody!” – Rachel W.


MCAT TutorBryan is a Next Step’s National MCAT Director. He has scored a 44 on the MCAT, including a 15 in both science sections. He has over a decade of MCAT tutoring experience and has worked with thousands of students. He works with only 2 MCAT students at a time. Learn more about working with Bryan here.



Premium MCAT TutorDr. Anthony Lafond is Next Step’s National Content Director and our most highly qualified and highly rated MCAT tutor. He completed his MD/PhD at UMDNJ. He has over a decade of teaching and tutoring experience and a proven track record of success helping students succeed on the MCAT. He began his MCAT career over a decade ago as Bryan’s very first trainee at one of the big national companies. Learn more about working with Dr. Lafond on our elite MCAT tutoring page

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