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Please click below for a small selection of our tutors for each test. To check availability in your area or for information on online tutors, please contact us.

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We strongly believe that students make bigger gains in their scores and get into better schools when they get the personalized help and attention of veteran instructors. Thats why we choose our instructors very carefully. Our instructors have:

  • Top scores (generally 98th or 99th percentile)
  • Years of teaching experience
  • A proven track record of helping students make quantitative score gains.
All our instructors are specifically focused on one-on-one personalized instruction. Rather than giving a lecture, they understand how to help individual students identify their specific strengths and weaknesses and what adjustments are needed to raise their scores.
When you work with Next Step, you’ll work with a single instructor tasked with designing and executing a personalized learning plan based on your needs and diagnostic test scores.