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One-on-one GRE Tutoring

The GRE is standardized, but our students are not. We have helped thousands of students raise their GRE scores through our customized private tutoring program. How can we help you? 

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Personalized GRE Tutoring

A Program Tailored To Your Unique Instructional Needs

At Next Step Test Prep, we work with each of our clients to build a unique tutoring curriculum. Working one-on-one with a veteran GRE instructor, you’ll identify key weaknesses in your abilities and determine exactly what needs to be done in order for you to succeed. We have decades of experience helping the following GRE cases:

  • Working professionals who haven’t studied math since high school and need a great deal of review
  • Students who need to improve their score to be competitive for grad school, top-ranked masters programs, and PhD. programs.
  • Professionals who need to hit an above-average GRE score for nursing, physical therapy, or teaching programs

What are students saying about our tutoring programs?


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E.K.E.K.Next Step GRE Student
I just did my GRE today and it went much better than I expected and I can only attribute that to my sessions with Eran. When I was doing the practice test before our first session I scored a 154 on English and I could not even solve a single math problem. I went to Eran with no memory of basic math and I ended up scoring a 153 on math on my first try at the GRE and 157 on English. Thank you both for all your help
I took the GRE and was happy with the end result. I scored a 163 on Verbal and a 161 on Quant. I thought Brian was a fantastic tutor. He really did a great job of explaining quant problems and working through the mechanics. I was only in the 50th percentile in prior tests and I really feel that the way Brian explained problems helped me understand the techniques and methods to use on the test. Plus, he was always nice and great in terms of scheduling. I would definitely recommend the tutoring program in the future.
PAULPAULNext Step GRE Student
I went into the GRE testing center on the exam date with not only a better grasp of the material but also with confidence, which made all the difference.
I got in!! I was just accepted into my PA program, and I want to say thank you one more time to you both!
H.P.H.P.Next Step GRE Student
Just got back from my exam, and wanted to share the good news that I’m extremely pleased with my GRE results. I scored a 163 and 167 on math and verbal respectively.
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A Next Step Academic Manager will contact you within 1 business day or call us now at 888-530-6398.

GRE Tutoring Program

Our first step is to establish an idea of a student’s current score level, strengths, and weaknesses. To that end, students who haven’t taken the GRE take a full length practice exam as a diagnostic tool, and we examine the scores of students who have already been tested. Next, one of our veteran instructors works with each student to design a tailored lesson plan.

Sessions are usually scheduled once or twice weekly, and generally last two hours apiece. They usually consist of the following:

  • First, students engage in a deep examination of homework from their last session, analyzing in detail any mistakes they made or concepts they don’t understand.
  • Next, new concepts are introduced to the student. Student and instructor work together to determine if there’s anything about said concept the student has difficulty understanding.
  • Finally, the instructor concludes the session by assigning homework and practice exams to the student.

We recommend devoting at least two to four months to GRE preparation, though depending on your unique needs a shorter or longer timeframe may be more optimal.

Next Step also specializes in helping two special GRE cases:

Working professionals who have been out of school — and particularly away from math. The math section is a major challenge for most students studying for the GRE. One of the frustrations students have with the test is that even if they are going into a professional program with nothing to do with math, they still need to take the same test as students going into engineering programs. Many of our students haven’t taken math since high school, and know they’ll need a basic review of concepts like intermediate algebra and advanced operations. (When was the last time you had to multiply exponents?) We can put together a personalized program that starts from the basics.

Students who have already taken the GRE and were unhappy with their score. Re-taking the GRE is never a fun experience. If you are in this position, you know how challenging it is to find the time to prepare for the test again — especially as application deadlines loom. We can help you focus in on your weakest areas for maximum improvement.


You can see an example GRE tutoring plan here — but we customize each program based on individual student needs, timelines, and test dates.

Materials and Methodologies

Next Step Test Preparation is the only national prep company focused exclusively on one-on-one tutoring rather than lecture-style class instruction. Every year, hundreds of our students come to us after having taken the prep courses – having seen little to no score increase. Time and again, we hear students tell us that they wish they would have skipped the prep courses (saving $1,000+) and gone straight with individual tutoring. What makes tutoring different is the ability for our instructors to carefully plan a customized program. Most broadly, the pace and focus areas of a program for a student starting on the low or high end of the scoring scale will be very different. But even for an individual student, you’ll find you are better at some things and worse at others – and you’ll waste time reviewing material you’ve already mastered.

Flexible Scheduling and Start Dates

Our GRE tutoring students also value our flexible scheduling and ability to get a prep program kicked off within a week. Instead of waiting for a new class to begin, wasting valuable prep time, you could be working through a customized program that starts right away and meets on your schedule – not a company schedule. Instructors often have availability daytimes, nights, and weekends.

Understanding > Knowledge

Most tutoring programs only scratch the surface of what students need, offering a plethora of tips and tricks but little in the way of actual understanding. We do things differently, and focus on the underlying skills and concepts necessary for success.

Nationwide availability

GRE tutoring is available either in-person in one of thirty cities or online via live one-on-one video conference. Students who select the latter gain access to some of our most experienced instructors from our national team and post gains that are equal to or greater than their in-person peers.

We help you stay engaged and accountable

Ask your friends who have taken the prep courses whether they were dialed in at 9:30pm after a full day of work or school. While prepcourse students receive lessons passively and only ocasionally ask a question, our students are fully engaged with their tutor for the entire session. And, our tutors make sure you are taking the right steps and putting in the time to be successful – you are not just a face in a crowd.

GRE Tutoring Prices and Packages

Each Next Step Student works through a completely custom program. From start date to test day, you’ll work one-on-one with a veteran GRE instructor to help you earn your best possible score. Our packages reflect options for students who are looking for longer or shorter timelines, as well as more or less engagement with their tutor.

Crash Course

16 hours
  • 3-6 Weeks One-on-one Instruction
  • 2 GRE Prep Books
  • 5 Adaptive Practice Exams
  • Comprehensive Math Review
  • See Sample Plan

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Comprehensive Plan

24 hours
  • 2-3 Months One-on-one Instruction
  • 2 GRE Prep Books
  • 7 Adaptive Practice Exams
  • Comprehensive Math Review
  • See Sample Plan

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Pre-MBA GRE Tutoring

Contact for Pricing
  • 2-4 sessions per week
  • 335 + Scoring Instructor
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • 2 GRE Prep Books
  • 12 Adaptive Practice Exams
  • Comprehensive Math Review
  • 3-hour application review
  • See Sample Plan
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Competitors’ GRE Tutoring Rates*:


GRE Class: $1,299

15 Hours GRE Tutoring: $2,499

Princeton Review

GRE Class: $999

18 Hours GRE Tutoring: $2,340 – $5,400

Competitor pricing from corporate websites. Updated 2015.

Professional one-on-one tutoring is a significant investment in your success, but one that can pay off in admission to better graduate schools and more financial aid.

While our program is still a major investment, we provide tutoring that is both higher quality and lower priced than our competitors. We do this by maintaining a laser-like focus on one thing only: private tutoring. Most of our competitors focus their instructor training and development on lecture-style classroom courses. Our focus also lets us retain the best talent by paying our tutors more – ensuring you have the best possible experience and the highest possible scores on Test Day.

We offer multi-payment plans on any tutoring package.  Please contact us for details.

Not sure what package is right for you? Schedule a free consultation!

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Get a Free GRE Consultation

A Next Step Academic Manager will contact you within 1 business day or call us now at 888-530-6398.

How Does Next Step Test Preparation’s one-on-one GRE Tutoring Program Compare to Group Courses like Kaplan?

“After completing a Kaplan course without as much improvement as I expected, Next Step’s  tutoring came as a welcome relief.  Instead of forcing me to follow a rigid curriculum my tutor adopted his teaching to my specific needs.  As such, we made big strides on my weakest sections and solidified my strengths.”


Fordham University

Expert Instruction.

Incredible Results.

Next Step Test Prep’s GRE programs differ from other tutoring courses in a number of distinct ways.

Each of our GRE instructors has scored in the top percentiles of the exam. But more importantly, they each have demonstrated the ability to teach these concepts to students throughout the score  range. Our tutors aren’t the “sage on the stage” – they adapt the lessons to students of all abilities. Our GRE private tutors work through a three-phase hiring process before they work with our students. We would be happy to discuss the specific credentials of our tutor in your area; just contact us for a complimentary consultation.

One Student Per Teacher

Our students work one-on-one with one of our veteran GRE instructors, many of whom bring to the table decades of teaching experience. This is a marked change from most tutoring programs, which focus on lecture hall-style instruction with little room for personalization. We work together with our students to determine the best means of improvement.

Meet some of our veteran instructors

Meet a couple of our veteran GRE instructors:

Brian has taught the GRE for over 3 years. He scored in the 99th percentile on both math and verbal.

Pallavi scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE. She is a graduate of Cal Tech.

GRE Success Stories


Q: Will I need to buy any additional materials for the tutoring?
No — all necessary materials, including prep book and practice exams, are included in the tutoring fee. If you’d like to receive a PDF of our prep book table of contents, email Materials are shipped directly to your home or office via USPS Priority Mail.

Q: I know some big prep companies will re-train SAT tutors to teach other tests. How do I know my instructor will be qualified?
Each of our instructors has scored highly on an actual, ETS-administered GRE. At Next Step, you will work with an GRE specialist.

Q: What if I don’t get along with my instructor?
98% of our students have been pleased with their instructor. However, if for any reason you’re not pleased we can switch instructors or offer a pro-rated refund for unused hours.

Q: Is this really better than a prep course?
We sure think so. Think about it this way — in any other area of your life, have you felt it was more effective to sit in a lecture course than to work individually with an expert? Would you go to the doctor with 20 other patients? Next Step takes GRE prep seriously — that’s why we offer only the best service.

Q: Why haven’t I heard of Next Step? I’ve only heard of the companies that I see on campus.
We are able to offer one-on-one tutoring services for the price of a prep course because don’t invest in expensive brick and mortar test centers, and we don’t spend tens of millions per year in advertising. Most of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth. When you spend $1,400 on a prep course, the vast majority of that cost is going to the advertising it took to get you there. We think there is a better way.

Q: Can I buy just one hour of tutoring?
While we can arrange a demo lesson before students commit to a longer package, we don’t think it’s effective to meet with a tutor just once. This sets the wrong expectation – that there are secrets that student can learn in an hour and then instantly make a huge increase. Our program is a long-term partnership between student and tutor.