• Working professionals who haven’t studied math since high school and know they will need a lot of basic math review
  • Students who have already taken the GRE but have fallen short of their goals — and who need to improve to be competitive for grad school
  • Professionals who need to hit an above-average GRE score for nursing, physical therapy, or teaching programs
  • Students looking for a very high GRE score to be competitive for top-ranked masters and PhD. programs

A History of Success

With their improved GRE scores, our students have been admitted to over 100 graduate schools – often with significant financial aid.

Since 2009, Next Step has successfully worked with thousands of GRE students. Our students have gone on to a variety of graduate programs including:

  • Programs at the top universities including Harvard, Stanford, Penn, and Yale
  • Health and professional programs all over the country including physical therapy, nursing, clinical psychology, and teaching

Just got back from my exam, and wanted to share the good news that I’m extremely pleased with my GRE results. I scored a 163 and 167 on math and verbal respectively.


I got in!! I was just accepted into my PA program, and I want to say thank you one more time to you both!


I went into the GRE testing center on the exam date with not only a better grasp of the material but also with confidence, which made all the difference.


One-on-one GRE Tutoring Program Overview

Each of our students begins with a diagnostic exam to gauge their current score level and to understand initial strengths and weaknesses. (If you have already taken the GRE, we will review those scores instead). Students meet with their instructor once or twice per week, usually for two hours at a time. At each session:

  • Students have the opportunity to discuss questions on their homework and re-assess their overall progress
  • New topics are covered in-depth
  • Students focus on issues of particular concern identified by their tutor
  • Specific homework and practice exams are assigned for completion between study sessions
  • Students who meet their instructors in person generally meet at a public or university library (or a quiet coffee shop).

Ideally, students prepare for the GRE for 2-4 months. However, we have also helped students successfully optimize a shorter time frame for maximum gain.

Next Step also specializes in helping two special GRE cases:

Working professionals who have been out of school — and particularly away from math. The math section is a major challenge for most students studying for the GRE. One of the frustrations students have with the test is that even if they are going into a professional program with nothing to do with math, they still need to take the same test as students going into engineering programs. Many of our students haven’t taken math since high school, and know they’ll need a basic review of concepts like intermediate algebra and advanced operations. (When was the last time you had to multiply exponents?) We can put together a personalized program that starts from the basics.

Students who have already taken the GRE and were unhappy with their score. Re-taking the GRE is never a fun experience. If you are in this position, you know how challenging it is to find the time to prepare for the test again — especially as application deadlines loom. We can help you focus in on your weakest areas for maximum improvement.

You can see an example GRE tutoring plan here — but we customize each program based on individual student needs, timelines, and test dates.

Materials and Methodologies

Our strong focus is helping students at every score level understand the concepts that underlie everything on the GRE. The material on the GRE is actually pretty basic — high school level math and English. The test is challenging because they put those basic skills to the test with some very challenging questions — under strict time limits.

Students who come to us after studying on their own often report that they learned lots of “tricks” but didn’t have these underlying tools.

If we work together, you’ll receive two prep books with methodologies and paper-based practice exams for timed practice. In addition  you’ll receive up to 7 computer-adaptive practice tests — so that on test day, there are no surprises with test format or the time limits.


Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling

Since our programs are completely customized, our students can start any time. We will put together the right program to take you from your start date to the day of your test, making the best use of time available.

Students often ask how long our program is. The answer is that it depends on when you have to take the test and what your goals are. If you need to take the GRE in 3 weeks or 3 months, we can put together the right a program for you.


GRE Tutoring Available Nationwide

We offer the same one-on-one GRE tutoring services delivered two ways:

  • In-person in 30 cities. Please contact us for specific local tutor availability and qualifications.
  • One-on-one live online GRE tutoring via live video conference. Students who work with us online have access to our most experienced instructors. Our online students have posted score gains equal to or greater than our in-person students.

While many students are initially looking for in-person services, our online program allows students everywhere the chance to work with 5+ year tutoring veterans with near-perfect GRE scores regardless of location. We are happy to arrange a complimentary demonstration of the technology.