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MCAT Psychology Question — Social Control

January 28, 2015

A local politician starts a task force to reduce prejudice and hate crimes, and the task force provides recommendations for increased access to education, paid community improvement projects open to people from different, possibly conflicted, groups, and stricter anti-hate ordinances to be passed at the local level. These recommendations are based on:

I. Self-esteem hypothesis

II. Contact hypothesis

III. Assimilation hypothesis

IV. Legal hypothesis


a) I, II, and III

b) II, III, and IV

c) I, III, and IV

d) I, II, and IV


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MCAT Psychology Question — Social Mobility

January 26, 2015

The son of a bricklayer goes to college and i) becomes a teacher at a medical school, ii) gets promoted to tenured professor, and iii) moves across the country for a new tenured professor position at a different school. Sequentially, this man has experienced:

a) intergenerational mobility with respect to the father, horizontal mobility, horizontal mobility

b) intragenerational mobility with respect to the son, upward mobility, upward mobility

c) intergenerational mobility with respect to the father, upward mobility, horizontal mobility

d) intragenerational mobility with respect to the son, horizontal mobility, upward mobility


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MCAT Organic Chemistry Question — Chromatography

January 23, 2015

A thin layer chromatography is performed on both the reactants and products of a reaction. It is found that the products have an Rf value that is significantly higher than the reactants. Which of the following could adequately describe this reaction:

A) SN2 reaction converting an alkyl bromide to an alkyl chloride
B) Addition reaction converting an alkene to an alcohol
C) Nucleophilic acyl substitution reaction converting an ester to an anhydride
D) Elimination reaction converting an alcohol to an alkene

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MCAT Psychology Question — Dissociative Disorder

January 22, 2015

In response to period of extreme psychological trauma, a patient begins experiencing a feeling of detachment. He says, “I felt like it wasn’t real while it was happening. I was just watching myself do it without any control. I mean, you know, I knew it was happening but I didn’t feel like it was.” The patient is describing:

A) Dissociative identity disorder

B) An anxiety disorder

C) Depersonalization disorder

D) A schizophrenic episode



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MCAT Biology Questions — DNA Mutation and Deletion

January 21, 2015

A segment of DNA from a lab mouse is determined to be 5’ – GGATCCTCATG – 3’. Which of the following DNA segments would be the result of this original DNA sequence experiencing both a point mutation and a deletion?

A) 5’ – GCATCCTCATG – 3’

B) 5’ – TGATCCCAG – 3’

C) 5’ – GGTCCTCATC – 3’

D) 5’ – GGATCCATG – 3’


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MCAT Organic Chemistry Questions — Protein Structure

January 20, 2015

A β-sheet, along with an α-helix, refers to secondary protein structure.

a) primary structure

b) secondary structure

c) tertiary structure

d) quaternary structure


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MCAT Chemistry Questions — Iron Production

January 19, 2015

Fe2+ is reduced to Fe using a current of 4 A for a total time of 96.5 seconds. How much iron metal will be produced in this time?

A) 10-6 g

B) 10-1 g

C) 102 g

D) 106 g


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MCAT Psychology Question — Societal Norms

January 16, 2015

A hedonic teenager of wayward morals, in one night, sequentially i) has consensual sexual intercourse with his sister, ii) leaves no tip at the bar, iii) has non-censual sexual relations with an unknown woman, and iv) vomits on the steps to the door of a local church. The teenager has violated society’s norms sequentially (to the greatest degree) on the order of:

a) mores, mores, the law, mores

b) taboo, folkways, the law, and taboo

c) the law, folkways, folkways, and folkways

d) taboo, folkways, the law, and mores

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MCAT Biology Question — Blood Pressure

January 15, 2015

Physiologic dead space is any region in the lungs where air is entering the alveoli, but no oxygen exchange is taking place because the alveolus is not adequately perfused with blood. If a person’s pulmonary arterioles have constricted so much that the lungs have a significant increase in physiologic dead space, the constriction would most directly result in increased blood pressure where?

A) Aorta

B) Vena cava

C) Left ventricle

D) Right ventricle


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MCAT Physics Question — Voltage Capacitance

January 14, 2015

Under a certain applied voltage, which of the following variables effects capacitance?

A) dielectric constant, area of the plates, and density of the conducting material

B) dielectric constant and area of the plates

C) dielectric constant, area of the plate, and distance between the capacitor plates

D) electric field, distance between the capacitor plates, and area of the plates


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